Washington Monument Hit By Lightning – IOTW Report

Washington Monument Hit By Lightning

God has a way of sending a signal.

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  1. I was expecting a little more in the way of a rain of burning sulfur n stuff based on how God did my old home town, but ya gotta start somewhere…

    “24 Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;

    25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.”
    Genesis 19:24-25

  2. The word ‘smite’ comes to mind. So I looked it up…

    Traditional Legal Model – Smote or to smite is used both as a physical blow and as the conscience being smitten.

    Biblical Healing Model – The word is used similarly except that this model recognizes that often when God is said to smite it is by withdrawing His protection. It is also understood in the sense of to get someone’s attention.

  3. I AM THOR!

    (guy at monument gift shop) well, try this ointment.


    (Guy again) wellsir, then try this STRONG ointment…

  4. The Washington monument in the eponymous capital of the United States is crowned with a metal cap.
    The cap displays the words LAUS DEO, which in Latin means “Praise be to God”.
    I pray that God heals this Nation, politicians can’t.

  5. @cato
    That metal cap is made of what was back then a rare metal (rarer than gold)….aluminum!
    Aluminum in its pure form (not aluminum oxide) is still very rare to find in nature. Aluminum oxide is everywhere. A process to convert aluminum oxide into pure aluminum wasn’t created until about 100 years ago.

  6. Cato — That’s the first thing I spoke when I saw the video. Laus Deo, baby!! Laus Deo!

    If you’re a heathen, low-life D.C. parasite living off the backs of good, hard-working Americans, “There’s your sign!”

  7. I used to have a VF 114 Aardvark hat until the day it was blown off my head on the Coronado Bay bridge to NAS N. Island on our way to the where the Kitty Hawk was moored before we went out to sea. I do have a VF 114 aardvark coffee mug with an F-4 J Phantom and the aardvark on it and our tail numbers NH. And my dad once took a picture of me when I was home on leave wearing my aardvark hat.

  8. Lightnings cool and everything, but how ’bout something a little better, like, the ground swallowing the capital building during a full session of congress. Or something like in the movie the 27th day where all freedom hating people are struck down. Now that’d be great.

  9. geoff the aardvark
    AUGUST 17, 2021 AT 10:25 AM

    …you ever ship with a guy named Hollis? He’s (distaff) family who passed away a couple years back and I didn’t know him that well, but I know he was a plane captain and later an aviation machinist that got at least one commendation for coming up with a cooler way to swap F4 engines in a war zone, but I don’t remember his squadron or anything because his widow was his second wife and didn’t seem too intersted in his ustacould cred, didn’t even get his medals back before they buried him.

    It’s a longshot I know, it was a big long war with lots of guys in it, but he has a pretty memorable name and was proud of his membership in the “Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club” to go by his bumper sticker, so just thought I’d ask out of curiosity on the off chance…

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