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State Dept. Admits That Iran Nuke Deal Was A Farce

So, it was much ado about nothing. It’s not a treaty or even binding agreement, but rather a set of “commitments.” Just a wishlist if you will.

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16 Comments on State Dept. Admits That Iran Nuke Deal Was A Farce

  1. Face it…..this whole ‘deal’ has been nothing more than a big, wet $1.5 billion dollar kiss by Valerie Jarrett to her homeland
    I’m picturing ValJar Binks in hi-heel boots, a whip & a strap-on with Barry on his knees, ball-gag in mouth, crawling around the Oval Office floor

  2. Oh no! Say it isn’t true. Next you’ll tell me there is no Santa Clause!! Darn.

  3. Good Lord, I’m about to throw up my Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. That Iman don’t seem to happy with that kiss on the forehead from the horses ass. Is it real?

  5. My mother used to refer to meaningless exertions as “paper – doll work,” after the fact that patients in mental hospitals used to be given books full of paper dolls to cut out to occupy their time.

    So the United States Department of State is now engaging its highest-ranking employee in doing paper – doll work? It’s pathetic, but of a piece with the general level of decrepitude to which the Obama administration has driven this country. I’m sure Horsey – Face–a candidate for institutionalization if I’ve ever seen one–needed to be kept busy, so paper – doll work it was.

  6. Ole Lurch is all confused as usual! He thought that was a hairy goats butt and he was obligated by custom, protocol and lust to kiss it!

  7. Let’s face it. All we have here is one big delay tactic on the part of the community-organizing, selfie-posing, celebrity gad-fly, Satan-worshipping, Al-Qaeda appeasing, Jihad-coddling, taqiyah sunrise-drinking, weak, dithering, flat-footed, lawless, worthless, autocratic, phoney-baloney, tone-deaf, pussy-whipped, bitch-slapped, candy-assed, plastic banana republic socialist Froot-Loop!
    Like the well known master debater Peter Principal sez: “When it comes to the Øbamboozler, it’s not the size of the asshole you have to worry about, it’s the amount of Commie disinformation that comes out of it that matters!!”
    G_ F_CK Y__RS_LF
    Need to buy a vowel Barry?

  8. Haha. I’d rather it have been one big nightmare that we will all wake from soon.

  9. Not hard to believe that Lurch would kiss one of the filthiest moslem pedophiles on the face of the earth. It is hard to believe that America as slipped this far down the shitter, though.

  10. big, wet $1.5 billion dollar kiss

    $150 billion in all worldwide. Obama has already released nearly all of the $12 of the Iranian assets the US froze when the Shiite supremacists took the US embassy hostage in 1979.

    Traitors all around. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

  11. Lurch could be kissing his new in-law since his daughter has married into an Iranian family.

    Security risk? Why would anyone ask?

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