Steve Doocy Gets Put In Place After Giving Covid Medical Advice On Air

Brian Kilmeade was swift in his admonition of Steve Doocy after he urged parents to get their children over 12 the jab.

Kilmeade said that parents should consult a doctor to discuss what to do. “That is who people go to to get medical advice.”

Doocy, looking like a fart cupper and sniffer, self satisfyingly announced that he didn’t go to a doctor before getting his jab.

Both KIlmeade and Ainsley Earhardt said in unison, “that was YOUR choice.”

Kilmeade added, I don’t think anchors should be giving medical advice.

See the tense exchange HERE.

8 Comments on Steve Doocy Gets Put In Place After Giving Covid Medical Advice On Air

  1. “Kids in hospitals with Covid…”

    Listen carefully. That means that children WITH SOMETHING ELSE THAT BROUGHT THEM INTO THE HOSPITAL got sneaky-tested with unreliable PRC test and are “in the hospital ‘with’ Covid.

    NOT “because” of Covid. NOT “so dreadfully ill that Covid put them into the hospital.”

    Unless, of course, the PCR picks up spike protein detritus of kids who have been vaccinated and are not suffering because of Covid but because the vaxx gave them, oh say myocarditis, or convulsions or whatever.

  2. Not even a regular old doc can be trusted these days since many are pandered to by big pharma sales reps and given gifts for issuing certain meds. Lately private docs are being pushed by big pharma to promote and urge the experimental non-tested vaxx. Parents should access and research credible info by resourceful health professionals, especially those who have been banned or censored.

  3. Moderna just posted a 4B$ quarterly profit.
    Y’All make sure to get your booster shot #7……..


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