Steyer Doesn’t Know How Much He’s Spent Opposing Trump

WFB: Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer cannot keep track of the millions of dollars he has spent on his presidential campaign and impeachment efforts.

[…] “I literally don’t know, Chris,” Steyer said.

“Give me a ballpark,” Matthews replied. “Give me a ballpark.”

“I think someone in the campaign said there was 100 million bucks for ads,” Steyer said. more

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  1. I’ve got a “literally don’t know” property that I’d like to own. It’s on a lake with 400 acres parcel and a 4000 sq. foot house……I promise I’ll run for president of the annual Walleye tournament….

  2. Like BO said, there’s a point where you’ve probably made enough money. When you dont know how much you’ve spent, you’re probably there.

  3. Good lord when I saw this stiff on stage at the last dem debate, my first impression was, my drunken Uncle Fred has more charisma than this loser and he’s been dead for two decades.

  4. I hope he doesn’t know how much he’s spent until he’s flat bankrupt broke.
    A fool and his money……….

  5. Must be a lot, because I swear every YouTube video I watch starts with a Steyer commercial and half are interrupted by one.
    I Down Thumb them whenever I can in the hopes the algorithm will figure out I don’t want to see them and stop showing them, but so far it hasn’t worked.

  6. Americans scream that the elites won’t send the 99% to the concentration camps because everyone has a mobile phone, but what if the Gestapo shuts down the Internet?

    What if the globalists say everyone must go to the concentration camps because of Ebola or the Russians are coming?

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