Stop spreading conspiracy theories … say the conspiracy theorists

Patriot Retort:

Saturday, President Trump retweeted a video from comedian Terrence K. Williams joking about how folks who have info on the Clintons always end up dead.  It’s clearly humor.  But since the anti-Trump news media are a humorless lot, they accused the President of peddling conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

I mean, jeepers creepers, they are really setting their hair on fire over it.


With his retweets of those vile anti-Clinton conspiracy theories, Trump gave permission — or perhaps even, in effect, assigned — his supporters in right-wing media to go full steam ahead with that narrative.


6:20 PM – Aug 10, 2019

Yeah. He didn’t retweet “conspiracy theories,” you dope. He retweeted one — count ’em — one video from a freaking comedian begging people not to tell him anything about the Clintons because he doesn’t want to be added to the Clinton Body Count.

That’s not retweeting “vile anti-Clinton conspiracy theories.” That’s retweeting a joke.

We can debate whether or not the President of the United States should retweet a comedian.

But the last people on the planet who should be lecturing us about conspiracy theories are folks in the news media.

Their well-I-nevering would be easier for me to stomach if it wasn’t coming from the people who trafficked in the “Donald J. Trump is a Russian asset” conspiracy theories for nearly three years. keep reading

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  1. I still haven’t been told a viable theory as to how Putin got Trump elected. Still it was the stuff of great news for two years…..

    Libs kept telling me to wait for the Mueller report.. It was kinda lackinh..

  2. For those of us old enough to have smelled the
    stench of death that has followed the Clintons
    since the 80’s; the murder of Epstein is a slam dunk.
    “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time”
    is now albatrossed around their necks.
    Anonymous. Since I do not want a “free” suicide.


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