Fredo Cuomo sat dispassionately while Ana Navarro called DJTjr the “equivalent of the n-word”

16 Comments on Fredo Cuomo sat dispassionately while Ana Navarro called DJTjr the “equivalent of the n-word”

  1. All he had to do was call him an asshole and walk away. But he couldn’t do it. lol.
    It would have been on twitter for a day and disappear. Now, it’s a meme factory.


  2. So, Fredo is the new N-word for really, really sensitive Italian-Americans. Who could have known that the dumber younger brother was that sensitive? Good thing that Sonny Cuomo was ambushed at that toll booth, or several men would have been thrown down that stairwell. In any event, Chris Cuomo might as well have Fredo tattooed on his forehead from now on.

  3. If using “fredo” is like using the N-word then if another tally said it to Cuomo it’s ok right??

    Blacks can use the N word and others can’t- therefore an Italian can use fredo and others can’t.
    Right?!?! That’s the way it works in a progressive world, right?

  4. My nanny was a German lady, teachers were British, Daddy’s father was an immigrant.
    Talked funny, in the south, the early 60’s.
    Thought everybody pronounced schedule as shed yule.
    Learned very early to never let them see an insult bothered you.
    Lessons you never learn when everybody is afraid of your daddy.
    Chris is to be forever Fredo, serves the idiot right.
    Hey Chris, the internet is forever.
    You of all people should know that, Fredo.

  5. It’s headline news not because of what Fredo was called, but his reaction – recorded for all to see. Another supposedly well balanced mainstream news anchor proves to be an unhinged nutjob, one degree shy of being a full blown wackadoodle. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo is a definite candidate for being reported under a Red Flag law. Definitely unhinged – potential threat to society.

  6. The OK gesture is now codified in wiki and google as having racist connotations. “Fredo” is about to undergo a similar transformation. To absolve Piggy Navarro and the others of their use of the insult, “Fredo” will be deemed a racist insult only when used against Wops. Calling DJTJ “Fredo” is perfectly acceptable.

    And none of these dullards knew who “Fredo” was until Kurt Schlichter started using it to devastating effect a couple of years ago. They liked it so much, they tried to take it, but Schlichter pinned it to Lil Cuomo and it won’t come off.


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