Sean Hannity and Ben Shapiro are MORONS!

I can’t stand either one of these jackasses.

I hated Hannity ever since the old days with Alan Colmes, always chumming around with all the lefties, backslapping as the show faded, openly signaling that politics was merely playacting for the elites, who probably laughed together about how stupid we were to actually care so much as they burped out their cognac and farted out their aged beef at Ruth’s Chris.

Read this crapola–>

Sean Hannity@seanhannity·1h I say good for @ChrisCuomo He’s out with his 9 year old daughter, and his wife, and this guy is being a jackass in front of his family. Imho Chris Cuomo has zero to apologize for. He deserves the apology.

Is this jughead kidding? We get called deplorable, racist, NAZI, white supremacists every hour on the hour by this Cuomhole, and his network, and someone offhandedly calling him Fredo is worthy of this profanity-laden tirade, which included threats of bodily harm?

GFY Sean Hannity.

Now, for the twerp—>

Ben Shapiro@benshapiro · 1h I think the guy was being a jerk to @chriscuomo, and I certainly understand Cuomo getting pissed…

Oh really? Ben now “understands” how a television pundit could threaten to throw someone down the stairs because he was called “Fredo”? THAT he understands, but he can’t understand Trump’s “thin skin.”

I’m sure the homunculus would mumble something about the standard being higher for the president, disregarding the fact that this television pundit agrees that Trump is unstable and needs to be removed from office. THIS maniac, nightly, sits in judgement of our president, assessing his ability to serve. Yet Ben gives him a free pass when the dope becomes enraged to the point of embarrassment because he was called a benign name, one that he tried to claim was on par with the slur ni©©er.

Sure Ben.

What’s the phrase you shitheads will be using, “we’re better than that!”?

No, no we’re not. This was a good as it gets. This guy played Cuomo perfectly, revealing these people to be the real unstable non-geniuses.

We’d be better, frankly, without your nasally input.

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  1. LOLOL NICE!!!

    Well said!
    Hannity is a ‘Cocktail’ Conservative. I’m sick of it.
    Never lets a guest speak, always talking over him/her and the minute he gets a liberal on who is blatantly lying, Hannity never has a comeback or a counter point and never calls him on it. The person just keeps talking and talking. And what does Hannity do? He starts talking about when he worked Construction and his first radio job.
    STFU, asshole.
    Cuomo talks shit about you and FOX daily. And you go showing your soft belly instead of just
    staying the fuck out of it.

  2. “He’s out with his 9 year old daughter, and his wife, and this guy is being a jackass in front of his family.”

    Hannity’s an idiot. The only person cussing and threatening and acting like an asshole is FREDO! In front of his precious family, no less.

    He could have just rolled his eyes and walked away. But he didn’t.

    And spare me the ‘eating our own’ shit. It’s Hannity who pulled up to the table with a knife and fork.

  3. Neither one of those guys are worth the effort to find them on the radio or tv. In looking back at my worthless high school daze, both those guys would have been in sororities that I wouldn’t have been in.

  4. I was hoping Cuomo would issue the first punch and then get his ass kicked hard by the guy in the act of defending himself. Oh, well.

    Nice post, Mr. Hat! But something tells me you’re holding back a bit! 😉

  5. Hannity talks out of both sides of his mouth – whatever it takes to keep the money train running. He tries to position himself as a man of the working class people, but he’s no different than the elites who lord over us. He’s a phony

  6. One last thing (Colombo. lol)
    Occasionally, we take the drive from Las Vegas to LA. damn near 5 hour trip.
    If Hannity’s the only thing on the radio, we switch it off and listen to Mexican radio through static.
    OK I’m done.

  7. They are taking the elitist attitude since they are coming from a shared professing. However, what they fail to note is that Cuomo represents a network that has encouraged the doxxing of normal Americans and continues to equate support of Trump as a form of hate speech or racism. He even made a suggestion a few years back to his viewers in the form of a question:

    I don’t agree with messing with someone’s family, but the video doesn’t show that. How is calling someone Fredo on par with what is happening to Mitch McConnell at his home, Eric Trump’s restaurant episode, the gay protests of the Kushner’s neighborhood, the stalking of Stephen Miller or Tucker Carlson? The Left scream murder over a paper cut while trying to disembowel a Conservative in public any chance they get.

  8. I saw this a couple of hours ago and didn’t realize he had his wife and child with him. That makes how he handled himself even worse. I assumed he was loaded. What a dick.

    And now Shapiro and Hannity jump to his defense? Apparently, neither of them realized if they’d let rip like that and it was on video, they would be on the menu for the next five news cycles at a minimum. They would prostrate themselves begging for forgiveness.

    Neither of them is a warrior, therefore not worth a bit of my time. For Hannity, it’s been years since I listened to him on purpose. For Shapiro, really, since ’16. Conservative Inc. sucks.

  9. Sounds like Hannity wants to go the way of TDS Glenn Beck.
    I’d listen to Rush Limbaugh all day long. As soon as he’s done, and Sean H comes on, time to switch stations.

  10. I hated Hannity ever since the old days with Alan Colmes, always chumming around with all the lefties, backslapping as the show faded, openly signaling that politics was merely playacting for the elites, who probably laughed together about how stupid we were to actually care so much as they burped out their cognac and farted out their aged beef at Ruth’s Chris. -BFH


    I’m sensing more writing like this is coming. Let it out! Release the FURRY Kraken!

  11. “Dirty air, dirty water, throw grandma off a cliff.”

    Those are the only three things I ever hear whenever he’s talking. Oh, “Let not your heart be troubled.” It’s supposed to be a blessing one bestows, not a tagline while you toss a Nerf football. Schtick, with a capital ‘S’.

    (But I can only listen to about 15 mins. of Rush and about 5 mins. of Laura Ingraham. And what’s with the very strange elocution of Trish Regan? — the only programs I watch on Fox is Fox Business — Varney in the morning and Dobbs (at least for now unless he doesn’t stop punctuating everything with “What. In. The. Hell?”) in the evenings.

    And NOW TCM — the only reason I still have cable — has become another platform for Progtards to spin OLD MOVIES! OLD MOVIES! for cryin’ out loud!! Rita Hayworth was sexually abused on the set — Hattie McDaniel was terribly oppressed by white, racist (I know, redundant) producers — Jack Haley was a KKK member (or whatever). I’m sick! I saw this coming when I saw Ben Mankowictz (or whatever) sitting on the set with Van Jones the night POTUS Trump was elected.

  12. Remember his recent bragging hype about upcoming shock revelations of buckets of information regarding the Mueller investigation? I happened to be listening on the road many, many months ago when a guest via phone first used that phrase. He was about to list off the contents of the, I don’t know, five or six buckets when Hannity verbally panicked, immediately cut the guy off, went to a break. When they came back, the bucket thing was not mentioned again. I was so dang mad he wasted my time.

    THEN, in the following months Hannity hyped up HIS upcoming bucket revelations to keep people tuning in. Stretched it out for MONTHS.

    Lou Costello looking fraud.

  13. I’ve effectively washed my hands of the both of them during the last presidential election.

    I try to certain family members to do the same, not because we all have to think or feel the same, but because Sean and Ben are complete and total Tools and misinformation agents.

  14. I haven’t listened to Hannity for years and Rush is only preaching to the choir which is why I prefer listening to Dennis Prager because he makes me think. I can listen to D P because he’s honest in his Jewish and conservative views and doesn’t apologize or make excuses for them like so many other commentators do. And besides he’s always cheerful and full of hope and funny as well and I love his bumper music especially Beware Of The Blob (a great catchy 50’s song if you’ve never heard it) near the end of the 3rd hr. of his program. And the Happiness hours on Fridays is the best as well as the ultimate issues hour earlier in the week. Abigail Adams, I agree with you about TCM, they should just show old movies and quit all the politically correct bs talk after the movie is over.

  15. I’m done with Hannity too. The Leftist media kept hyping the Muler Investigation and it was a big greezy nothingburger. Hannity keeps his listeners tuning in with endless just-around-the-corner revelations are coming.

    I listen to Walton & Johnson on my morning drive, Rush at midday if I’m out of the office running errands and Michael Berry on my drive home.

  16. Hannity is also a backstabber. If Mypillow® stops advertising on his show, my bet is Hannity will instantly say a MyPillow® was used to smother Jeffrey Epstein

  17. Everyone on Fox News has obviously been given orders to move left or lose their jobs. They’ve also proven they are willing to do anything for money.
    The Fox Business people are much better. Lou Dobbs is awesome.

  18. I work at home. I always have the radio on. It’s sports talk radio all day and then a braves game at night. It’s my way of stepping away from the constant noise of politics.

  19. I just did a quick search on the names and accusations Fredo has thrown around about Christians, Republicans, Conservatives, NRA, gun owners, etc.
    This was pretty thin skinned for a guy who says the outrageous and cruel things he does.
    Hannity and Shapiro ought to have their staff do some searches and maybe they’ll see Fredo is getting back what he gives out.

  20. My husband hates Sean Hannity and screams at the teevee whenever he goes into one of his standard chants ie: l”…dirty air, dirty water, throw granny off the cliff…etc”. We know , we know. Give us something new that we don’t know and not Sarah Carter with another tick tick nothingburger. I love it when Dan Bongino fills in. Give him the show and put hannity out to pasture.

  21. I think the whole incident, including Cuomhole’s embellished NY accent was staged. As for Hannity, between his constant “tick tock” after illustrating some upcoming prosecution that will never happen and the oft mentioned martial arts and weapons proficiency I had to quit. Maybe Sean could guest host on Coast 2 Coast AM.

  22. Even Fredo”s kids know he is an unhinged asshole now. That’s good enough for me.

    I didn’t waste my time on Ben Shapiro. He’s as fake as George Will, and you can’t trust anyone who went to Harvard .

    I can say in one minute what takes Hannity thirty minutes. He is a waste of time and I don’t hear anything new from his show . That being said, he is one of the few on TV exposing Spygare to the Sheep, so he does have some utility.

  23. Since I don’t listen to fools I don’t have a dog
    in this fight of the big mouths. I like Bongino
    and Tucker C. but it looks like they may have just
    backstabbed him as he announced he’s “gone fishin”.
    That will mean I’ll cut left sliding Fox out also.
    Jordan P. and Victor D. Hanson are very good
    for ruminating upon.
    As for reading? Well, here I am.

  24. Fredo nuts up on the street and threatens violence when gently mocked, just like the antifa scum whom he admires and excuses. It is sickening to see the Media Firefighter Guild lock arms and sing “We Shall Overcome” for this surly lout. Shame on you, Sean and Ben.

  25. By shapiro’s own logic, the tranny who grabbed him by the neck and threatened to put him in the hospital was justified because Shapiro insulted the tranny. But, Shapiro was whining like a little bitch about it.

  26. MJA, I used to listen to him on the way home from work. About 4 years ago, I stopped. If you listen for 3 hours, you might hear about 15 minutes of news. Everything else is Obamaesque: me, me, me, I, I, I.

  27. Ya’ just now figuring this out? They are both Medvedistas and this is exactly what I would expect from them.

  28. This is the game the left has initiated & now they cry like little girls when they have to play it. They’d have no problem doing this to someone they disagreed with if their children were present.

  29. Last week Hannity had Jim Jordon and Sebastian Gorka on his show.
    These are two guys I wanted to listen to. But Hannity kept interrupting, talking over, etc. I just turned it off. Enough!

  30. Hannity invites guests on, let’s them utter one or two sentences, and then lectures them and the audience on what HE thinks. Additionally, he and Ingraham are in a competition to see who can interrupt and talk over their guests the most. Used to listen to him every afternoon but can’t take it anymore. I had resorted to screaming at the radio “will you shut the hell up”. My wife didn’t much like that :). I’ve replaced him by streaming the Chris Plante podcast from WMAL in DC. Smart, funny, and never talks about himself. I laugh my ass off at times. Check him out folks.

    Btw Hannity, congratulations on being a martial arts and weapons expert. As a former member of the spec ops community I’m real impressed. You’re quite the “commando”. Jackass.

    And as for Shapiro, I quit going to the Daily Wire. His sanctimony became too tough to overcome. Maybe HE should be POTUS. Just ask him.

  31. So, it’s bad when someone accosts a Trump supporting conservative in public with his family, but OK when someone does it to Fredo Cuomo? I thought the Left was the domain of the double standard. Next you’ll say its OK to dox liberals.

  32. @TigerEyes – you can be fuckin’ certain she did.

    “Forget it, Jake. It’s (New York City).” – h/t Chinatown movie


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