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Strange – I thought gay men were sensitive, superior and gentle?

This Austin, Texas gay guy not only beat his boyfriend to death for cheating (you’re expecting a young faithful gay guy? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha) he strangled the guy’s dog to death.


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  1. Texas, eh?
    Once he gets to prison, he’s going to find out what being a bottem is like.

    I hope the guy gets fucked in the ass until he screams himself hoarse.

  2. I remember that maniac, Jim Hvlac, trying to convince everyone that being gay was so much more than wanting to put your pecker in man anus.
    He implied it meant you were on a higher plateau, your mind was somehow superior.
    Ya, right.

  3. Poor thing was probably innocently licking peanut butter and was exterminated. They need to stick to shaved gerbils, there’s not as much jealousy involved.

  4. I feel for the dog but then I also feel (fag or not) for the boyfriend. Both suffered unimaginable terror at the end. The little buttercup that that committed these acts is going to spend the rest of his time in prison as either someone’s bitch or the cellblock f*ckrag until he finally gives up and off’s himself. My question is whether or not these two both originally hailed from Texas and if so, Hey Texas, what the f*ck????

  5. Around 1992, a retired NYC cop told me the murder rates among homosexuals were amazingly high but ignored in the press, as well as the typical savagery of such murders (dozens of stab wounds to an already dead body being common). I’ve since seen that anecdote verified via the alternative media, as well as the continuing coverup.

    Whatever “mental illness” is – define it how you want – to be given over to homosexuality is to be gravely mentally ill *at minimum.*

  6. In the late sixties when I was in college, I knew a bunch of these guys….most of them are dead now, and elevated is NOT the word that comes to mind. There was always suppressed rage.

  7. sort of pertinent here, I have always heard that divorce lawyers were drooling over gay marriage just because they knew that there would be a huge demand in their services not too long after the cakes were cut.

  8. I like the misspelling of his name!

    It reminds me of that
    famous gay insurance mascot,
    the brown duck that goes around
    saying over and over,
    “Hav Lac! Hav Lac!”


    With WHAT did he beat him to death?
    Don’t tell me: *another* dildo?
    Just like the lezzies did a few weeks ago?

    Bor – ring.

  10. “Gays” aren’t gay, Larry.

    They are sick, perverted, homosexual, mentally-ill butt sniffers who enjoy licking their own shit off of other guy’s dicks.

    Did you ever pick up your $10 spot?

    And people from Texas are “Texans” – neither violent nor hateful. Unless the situation demands it.

  11. Should you ever have the need to argue with a homosexual and/or a leftist who defends homosexuals, try the following:

    1. Turn and face them with shoulders squared and a firm look on your face.

    2. Say the following, and ONLY the following, punctuating each word sharply and using the condescending, authoritative you’d use with a child who has once again violated your clearly stated household rules:




    3. Say nothing else. Maintain firm expression and direct eye contact with head inclined and eyebrows raised inquisitively, as if to ask, “Any questions? Because if there are, you are too stupid to speak with further.”

    4. If they don’t speak, turn and walk away.

    5. If they start to speak, turn and walk away.

  12. How in the entire Trump-loving Universe did you get from my statement that I was saying that the act of homosexuality was socially redeeming?!!

    Go back and read what I said: “All generalizations are wrong – INCLUDING THIS ONE”. Now think about what that means.

    (Let me give you a big hint here: it means that some generalizations are true. Therefore my response was, “Like I said…”.)

    Sheesh! If you gotta explain ’em…

  13. The ignorance is overwhelming. To think that all gays are one way or another is the same as saying all straight people are one way or another. Do you really think all gay people get together and discuss how to try and fool straight people? The only truth is that gays are the victims of violent crime far more often than they should be. Being gay is not about having sex and when gay people commit crimes that does not mean all gay people commit crimes.

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