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Strategist Karl Rove Says to Beat Trump, Make Fun of His Dick

I’m not kidding.


There are many strategies that won’t beat Donald Trump, in a political race or elsewhere. Pointing out his flaws has little effect, Jack Shafer writes in Politico column. But there are people who have the right idea, and Ron DeSantis could learn from them. Karl Rove, a longtime Republican strategist, has instead diminished the qualities the opponent portrays as strengths. He did that with Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, casting a Vietnam War veteran as a weakling. Trump’s primary rivals in 2016 pointed out Trump’s “racism, misogyny, sociopathy,” Shafer writes. It didn’t work. “Trump’s vulnerabilities reside in his positives, and that’s where DeSantis should probe for cracks and fissures,” he says.

The master is Stormy Daniels, Shafer writes in quoting scholar Jennifer Mercieca. Daniels’ public exchanges with Trump haven’t been tempered by threats from him or his lawyers. She’s used humor, with one tweet mocking his manhood ending with, “Game on, Tiny.” 

“Sometimes people’s strengths turn out to be really big weaknesses,” Rove once told Fox News. “We tend to—you know, people tend to sometimes in campaigns accentuate things that they think are big and important, and they exaggerate them.” 


So, if Michelle Obama runs, should we make fun of her big dick?

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  1. Karl & Friends spent the better part of a decade trying to convince people how evil and rapey Trump’s dick was. In fact, they’re still trying. Now, they think that making fun of it will end Trump for good? Sure, Karl.

  2. Great comments!

    For those <60 Karl wrote an "op ed" in the leftist DMNews 43 years ago saying if GOP nominated Ronny Carter would win big!

    Krl, likw GWB, is a liar!

    Rony referred to Karl as "NeoCommie" today we say "NeoCon".

  3. Moral of the story, don’t be a dick. Especially if you’re a gutless, linguine spined, weenie, always picked last, coward, chickenshit asshole like Karl Rove who probably suffers from small dick syndrome. Envy of jealousy of some other guys supposed dick size is not a good trait. What next, whipping it out in public to see who has a bigger dick. And the winner is Biggus Dickus.

  4. As if a dick makes a good President. If he uses that analogy that any male running for office has a small dick. I want to ask Karl what does having a dick have4 to do with running for President? Did Hillary say “heh, look at my big ass tits,” vote for me? Does Karl realize how stupid he sounds? He’s working to get Trump elected. Heck, they all are helping him along. Pretty sure people have their mind made up about who they aren’t going to vote for. This reminds me of elections during grade school minus the dick and big boobs.

  5. Didn’t they try this in 2016? They claimed Trump has small hands and somehow that equates to penis size. Sloppy Daniels is playing the classic game of jilted girlfriends and ex-wives since caveman days; he’s got a little dick. So now presidential politics has been reduced to the same level as grade school playgrounds.

  6. What you’re seeing was predictable. And you’re going to see more of it. These deep state morons have been after Trump for so long he no longer lives rent free. He’s a squatter they can longer get rid of. They are mentally losing it.

  7. I just can’t see DeSantis running a “tiny dick” campaign against Trump, based on the word of an old bitter hooker (who still owes Trump a settlement) and a talking ham.


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