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I like dogs. Maybe this movie will be good. Kinda strange. It’s a kid premise and look, but it’s raunchy and rated R.

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  1. There’s some real potential there, and if they do it right it may well be hilarious. Unfortunately, Hollywood has given me ZERO reasons to expect them to do it right. I guess I’ll wait for a real-person non-professional movie review.

  2. Only Hollywood could take a much-loved wholesome subject like dogs and ruin it with crude bathroom humor, vulgarity, dick jokes, and sexual innuendos that flatter than Joe’s popularity percentage. Who is this crap written for? Is this another Disney fail?

  3. I think I saw Will Farrell’s and Jamie Foxx’s names (not sure) but that would be enough for me to avoid it.

    That, and talking dogs is fucking stupid.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I think it looks kind of funny, but I love my dogs and wish they could talk. I think they talk a lot of shit about me to my face. I know they smile and laugh and that makes me smile and laugh…..The potty mouth thing doesn’t bother me because those are some of my favorite verbs, adverbs, nouns and adjectives…..

    Jamie Foxx and Will Farrell are better human beings when they impersonate dogs….

  5. Throw in Jim Carrey along with Will Farrell and Jamie Foxx and you’d have a trifecta of stupid actors playing vulgar, gross misbehaving dogs in a movie that I will not go to see. My dog is already funny enough and active enough as he is. Kirby’s a keeper, he already keeps me entertained enough just being his goofy, unpredictable lovable dog self.

  6. They’re trying to bury “Benji” with this one. First it was adult themed animation about talking food (“Sausage Party” which was so forgettable I had to look it up on the internet) now talking dogs that swear and drink beer. It’s all aimed at an audience that is incapable of being adult.

    Came across this piece this morning and almost posted it, but it ran kind of long.

  7. Foxx & Ferrell. Two of my least liked actors.
    They aren’t funny.
    This looks like a raunchy, foul mouthed, bad rewrite of the animated movies like Bolt and The Secret Lives of Pets.
    Ripping off children’s movies.

  8. It’s an anthropomorphic comedy with dirty words….Don’t watch it if that might offend you, your kids, your grands…I think it could be hilarious….


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