Street Fightin’ Bunny Landing Rabbit Punches

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  1. I love watching mascots fight because of the permanent smile! I am sure the guy felt like he was being hit by pillows but the bunny had some moves!

  2. Based on the overall reaction of the crowd and the narration by the videographer, I get the impression the bunny was only white on the outside.

  3. What was the Bunny fight about? Trump?
    I’m sick of it all. The fucking bunny has taken over from the actual meaning of Easter Sunday. Christ arose from the dead. I believe it, many don’t. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to adhere to the latest description of Christians as “Easter Worshippers.” There are scumbag American politicians going along with that.
    The same crowd that are pro abortion, pro open borders, pro sanctuary cities, anti ICE, Anti Police, Anti Trump. Come winter, they will go from “Easter Worshippers” to “Christmas Observers/ Celebrants. Soon to be reduced to “XMas Observers.”
    I can’t take it any more. I just see it coming. Why does nobody give a shit? Guys I talk to just worry abouy baseball and football. WTF?
    And they go to Church every day and are personal friends with the Monsegnior and raise money for him and all. I just don’t understand!

  4. Kid: Hey Grandpa, what’s your claim to fame?
    Grandpa: I was beat up by the Easter Bunny…and it was caught on video.

  5. I want to read the police report. Well, I came upon a 7 foot white rabbit beating the crap out of 2 guys….

  6. “it’s the monster of Kyle Bannor!”

    “Wot? That’s just a rabbit!”

    “Och mon, he’ll do ye a treat!”

    “stop yer gob, ye manky Scots git! Rabbit stew comin’ right up!”


  7. that’s just what we need nowadays, a crime-fighting rabbit by night, a mild-mannered gentleman by day

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