Student fell to death after eating marijuana cookie


DENVER — It’s the first death linked to marijuana intoxication since recreational pot became legal in the state in January.

The Denver County Coroner says pot contributed to the college student’s death last month.

Levy Thamba, 19, was a bright engineering student from the Republic of Congo in Africa.

He was visiting Denver for Spring Break with three other friends.

Investigators say the lure of legal marijuana in Colorado drew them here from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming.

He would never return.

The Denver County Coroner says while at the Holiday Inn at Stapleton, a friend of his took a bite of a marijuana cookie. She got sick from it.

Thamba then took a bite and when he didn’t get a reaction, he ate the whole cookie.

It was the first time the group had tried pot.

Friends say he started acting erratically, got upset and sick and ran out of their room—straight over the balcony inside the hotel.



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  1. Gee, I never tried mary jane before so I think I’ll eat the whole thing and see what happens!! More IS better right?


    How many more college students have to die before the Pot-Lobby are satisfied?!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH, THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Baked goods or people who are baked? Lemme check my Obama Rulebook. Ah, people who are baked it is. Baked goods are BAD.

  4. They legalized marijuana and made food products out of it
    without FDA regulations, health inspections, safe dosage levels, proper food labelling …….
    …damn, that’s even more criminal than GM !

    Will the libtards do the right thing and OWN the responsibility for this homicide?

  5. “…Thamba had 7.2 nanograms of THC in his body. Colorado’s impairment level when driving is 5 nanograms…”

    Impairment is the MINIMUM level – you know, “buzzed” driving.

    Me thinks this story may have a touch of “Reefer Madness” to it.

  6. Applying my newly learned Sheila Jackson Lee logic, I have come to realize that gravity must be racist.

    God works in mysterious ways. You never will know it, but this guy may have been the next worse version of Obama.

    Now he’s a smokin’ hole in the ground.

  7. Having done thorough and extensive research on my own time and at my own costs over many decades on the effects of weed ingestion I do not believe the Coroner has reached a sound conclusion. It was the ground that killed him.

  8. Not really the first to die, fatal traffic accidents are up 400% in Washington and Colorado.
    Weed = doing stupid stuff, enough said.

  9. Man, I hate it when that happens.

    I ate some weed-laden brownies back in the day and fell about 30 feet … but I landed on my head …
    so I was OK.

  10. I’d send an family-sized tin of these cookies to the WH if they were guaranteed to have the same effect on Kenyans.

  11. Did he ever return?
    No he would never return.
    If he had lived he would have learned.
    Don’t go eating whacky weed in Betty Crocker brownies.
    Levy Thamba would never return.

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