Study Claims Your Drinking Preference Could Identify Your Politics

Ya, okay, I’ll play along.

The study says lefties drink clear drinks like vodka and gin. The right-wing drinks whiskey and bourbon.

Wow. How much did this study cost? Did someone do a bar crawl down H street?

I have a study.

Conservatives eat red meat. Progressives lick purple meat.

Pay me.



45 Comments on Study Claims Your Drinking Preference Could Identify Your Politics

  1. Conservative men put their pants on one leg at a time.

    Progressive men jump into their skirts with both feet.

    How much is that worth?

  2. So yet another idiotic “study” that tries to show people on one side of the isle are completely different and therefore should be at war with the other side. I am so fucking sick of this shit that tries to put more of a divide between us all. Preference this and preference that. Who cares? I like a cold Budweiser and a heavily bleeding rare steak and couldn’t care less if somebody’s a booze snob or vegetarian. Just because I have simple tastes doesn’t mean I’m a simple man. So because a leftie drinks vodka or gin they’re more “sophisticated”? Us dumb country bumpkin right-wingers love us some of that loudmouth soup whiskey huh? The magnitude of the stupidity on the left is mind numbing.

  3. I like the divide.
    I just wish someone would develop a divide that would make progs glow in the dark.
    That’s a useful divide.

  4. Here’s a better test. Study who buys top shelf liquor mixed with fruit juice or orders it straight up.

    It’s always amusing to hear someone fag order a Grey Goose and cranberry. Dimwit!

    If you’re going to mix, house liquor is just fine!

  5. After PROGs completely destroy the bourgeoisie middle class in the name of the Glorious Proletariat, we New Soviets will only get greasy vodka or antifreeze.

  6. Thinking about the liquor of choice of my friends and acquaintances, I believe the study is correct. I just never gave a dang about analyzing their liquor.

  7. It was only a 2 year study? So only during sucky Obama years…

    BTW, since Obama became president, I have become allergic to liquor. Every time I drink it I break out in handcuffs.

  8. Conservatives hold their glass in their fists.

    Libs stick their pinky out.

    Also, libs like drinks full of fruit an’shit an’ have umbrella’s in them. Libs like to sip drinks through a straw.

    From years of observation.

  9. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!! The only thing that chart suggests and is correct about me is I’m likely to turn out to vote. Otherwise, it claims I swing across the spectrum with my tastes for Bailey’s Irish Cream, Moet Champagne, Jim Beam, Tanquerey, Amaretto, etc. I voted for a registered Dimwit only once in my life, in the 1974 Texas gubernatorial election. Where does Lamb’s Navy Rum place? How about Kahlua? Let’s talk beer/ale for a moment – Sierra Nevada IPA, Dinkelacker Weiss, Old Speckled Hen, Duvel, Budvar, Adnams Extra… where do those preferences place me in the ideological ratings? Oh, and I don’t want that fucking fruit put in my wheat beer! The only thing Democrat about me and my tastes for spirits is what I discharge into the toilet.

  10. I’m just glad to see “Smoking Loon” (whatever that is) way out on the enthusiastic-left part of the chart. Half expect to see that made in Colorado, with our new pot laws now in effect.

  11. and btw, I lick pink meat. I’m a nasty MFer (Ray), but I ain’t eatin it when it’s red!!! Das Naaaasty!!!

  12. Progs are reactionary creatures, not in control of their actions while sober or drunk. They are victims of being sober or drunk.

    Victims deserve your money. Clear as mud.

  13. ” I am so fucking sick of this shit that tries to put more of a divide between us all.”

    If you don’t think that divide exists, hang around a drunk lib for a while. I think this study is surprisingly accurate.

  14. Never met a drink I didn’t like (but beer bloated me and made me pee a lot so not so much.) But it’s been nearly 14 years since my last imbibe. I must be a dead conservative.

  15. “…hang around a drunk lib for a while.” -BB

    I’ve tried, Bad. Usually have to switch barstools before the headache becomes fatal. My daughter had a retired Denver Post editor as a regular at her bar for 3 years. Dipshit was too stupid to realize everybody else at the bar and all the staff hated him. He tipped horribly. Abysmally. Like $2 after drinking for 8 hours. Everybody thought he was an idiot. Kept arguing about how awesome Obama was. Never got any takers. His wife was a real babe, somehow, and every once in a while she’d come into the bar to drop off a new set of Depends for him or something. Nobody could figure out why he’d rather spend all day every day at a bar when he had Sophia Loren waiting at home for him. World class liberal bozo. There’s a divide all right.

  16. Mooooooooooooooooo!!! I drink bugjuice (that’s what they called Kool-Aid in the 50’s and 60’s!!

  17. Grunt, Yea and the women can be more obnoxious then the men. I need to stay away from that crap. I have zero tolerance for it. And the fact that the assholes in office has embolden them anyway. Alcohol compounds the problem quickly.

  18. I drink Ketel One or on the rare occasion Gent Jack so it has me on the right side. Seems like the lefties like shitty vodka.

  19. Are teetotalers not allowed a place on the political spectrum?

    I like Bloody Marys. Does that mean I support violence against women?

    Well, maybe if the women are named Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc.

  20. I’m genetically pre-disposed to peat smoked barley malt of an exclusivly singular nature. Laphroig from Jura regularly and Balvenie from Speyside when I’m flush. Beer – Guinness Stout or Wheatsheaf Stout

    However, I’ve sampled Aqua Velva filtered through a loaf of bread, been hungover for a decade from an Akadama Fifth, Maddog 20-20 over a burning 55 gal drum, What’s the word? ThunderBird! What’s the price? 30 twice. Probably drank a supertanker of Old Pisswaukee with my Dad.

    When I can afford it, I’m an ambrosiac aqua vitae snob.

  21. Oh, and that’s funny about em licking the purple meat – I don’t want their mouths on my penix – you never know where their mouths have been.

  22. Evan Williams most of the time.
    Single Malt from time to time.
    Bohemia with Mexican food.
    Amaretto, Kahlua, Carolans and/or Bailey’s in my coffee.
    Cold beer with pizza.
    Tequila in Maggies, rocks only.
    Vodka and Hot V8 once in a while.

    That about covers it.

  23. shiiiiiit on surveys

    in jr high, i used to fil out 3,4,5 forms saying i had sex, smoked pot, drink alcohol, and did drugs just to proov that everybody lied like shiiiiit in jr high

  24. Hat tip to you, Struan. The Laphroaig line of single malts has become my favorite. Almost finished with a bottle of Cairdeas but, I think the Triple Wood is superior. Next on the list…. 18 year old!

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