GOP Rep. Pete King’s bromance with Mike Bloomberg


Big Nanny love: GOP Rep. Pete King sucks up to Michael Bloomberg

New York GOP Rep. Pete King took to Twitter to let everyone know that he kissed the ring of outgoing New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Conservatives took to Twitter to let King know exactly what they thought of his sycophancy.



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  1. Aside from the suck-up angle, whothefuck cares that he called Doomberg?

    Is that the type of self-absorbed tripe that people post on Twitter? It’s all about ME y’all.

    “Just woke up”
    “Just brushed my teeth”
    “Pop Tarts or Frosted Flakes? Decisions, decisions.”…..

  2. To think I stopped by his office in DC to thank him for his great work just 3 years ago. What a Phoney Rino.

  3. Nah, he’s right. I turned on the TeeVee yesterday and they told me Bloomberg has made New York a safe place to live with increased opportunities. You can’t get those kind of results without doing great work. The source was an unbiased (a.k.a. right leaning centrist thinking) media outlet like MSNBC or something like that.

  4. Bloomber wasn’t a total flop as mayor. I actually liked him in his first two terms. The third term was kind of hard to swallow; that’s when he went nuts with the nanny-state agenda and declared war on non-diet sodas, second-hand smoke, sodium, trans fats, etc.

    My own favorite Bloomberg innovation was the 311 number, which was created for citizens to call about legitimate concerns that were NOT life-threatening. I used it many times in Brooklyn for things like removing the carcasses of stray animals that had been hit by cars on the very busy street where I lived, reporting abandoned vehicles, asking for a salt spreader to visit my neighborhood when intersections had turned into skating rinks. Response was ALWAYS prompt and effective. 311 operators are also trained to navigqte people through the thicket of agencies constitute New York City’s qdministration. And I have no doubt that continued crime rate decline during Bloomberg was due in large part to diverting calls that were not true emergencies away from 911.

    To anyone thinking Bloomberg is a bad guy, just wait. People are going to miss him under de Blasio the way they missed Bush II under Obama.

  5. This what we wind up with when people stay in office too long.. They forget what it means and what it takes to earn a living instead of having things handed to them merely for the position they hold. I hope this year sees their ilk being turned out like spoiled cabbage… I plan to do my part to see it happen.

  6. What a coincidence.

    I called Michael Bloomberg last night and thanked him for his great work as New York City’s biggest douchebag.

  7. Hey Pete! You fukkin putz!

    Call Stalin and thank him for all he did for Ukraine while he was Chairman!

    Call Fidel and thank him for all he’s done for medicine in Cuba!

    Call Hitler and thank him for all he’s done about those pesky Jews!

    Call Mao and thank him for all his work on hunger in China!

    Call Mugabe and thank him for fiscal responsibility in Zimbabwe!

  8. Pete and Mike should be hanged from different ends of the same rope – at the same time.

    No SNAP! Just a slow, steady draw.

  9. “Peace in our time.”

    Looks like somebody be looking for some bread to finance his political ass err campaign.

  10. The “Progressive” Future of Mayor de Blasio’s NYC

    Wednesday’s swearing-in ceremony of Bill deBlasio, formerly Warren Wilhelm, Jr., as New York City’s 109th mayor marked a number of firsts in the history of the Big Apple.

    Those firsts include but were not limited to the fact he is the first Democrat to hold that office in 20 years, the first city Public Advocate (ombudsman) to become mayor, the first mayor to be sworn in by an impeached American president, the first mayor to be introduced by a cleric who compared the city to a slave plantation, the first mayor who admitted to being a Communist sympathizer, and the first mayor who fathered a confessed drug addict.

    And de Blasio and his wife, activist and reputed poetess Chirlane McCray, are also the first interracial couple to ever live in the official mayoral residence, Gracie Mansion.

    Mayor de Blasio touted himself and his candidacy as “progressive” in the mold of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, the popular, dimunitive Republican who was more a Democrat than a Republican half a century ago, and he repeated that ”progressive” mantra in his inaugural address in which he pledged to make NYC “a fairer, more just, more progressive place” after 12 years of Michael Bloomberg’s administration.

    It’s hard to imagine a more “progressive” town than New York City unless we compare the city with Democrat-run, “progressive” towns like Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco where politicians are so “progressive” they have driven their municipalities to historic levels of corruption and bankruptcy, to murderous mayhem in the streets, and to blind tolerance of virtually every depravity known to man.

    Loosely defined as “moving forward,” when applied to politicians the term “progressive” takes on whole other complexities and nuances involving everything from civil rights and justice, border security and war, health care and education, wealth and poverty, and labor unions and even religion.

    Ironically, the man de Blasio has replaced at City Hall, the man repeatedly smeared at his inaugural, the 12-year mayor, Mike Bloomberg, was almost as progressive as the new mayor. . . (Read more at

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