Study: Gun control does nothing to reduce crime

Ain’t that right, Alec Baldwin.

DefConNews: Democrats claim to be the party of science but, like all the rest of their claims, it’s a lie. They are the party of cherry-picking data that supports their agenda, while ignoring everything else that blows them out of the water. A new study shows beyond any doubt that gun control doesn’t do squat to reduce crime.

Massachusetts was one of the many liberals states that passed knee-jerk gun control legislation following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. The democrats who rammed these gun control laws through promised they would reduce crime and make everyone safer. We know those were lies and now there’s solid science to prove it.

The Boston Herald reports:

A new study from American University found that the tightened gun-control measures that went into effect in Massachusetts six years ago had little effect on the violent crime rate in the state…

The study, published in Justice Quarterly, used modeling and FBI data from 2006 to 2016 to examine the impact of the 2015 gun law on crimes including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

The study’s author, Janice Iwama, assistant professor of justice, law, and criminology at American University, found that armed robberies increased 8.9% in Massachusetts since the new gun laws were enacted. more

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  1. Baldwin’s accident wasn’t criminal because he says he had no intent to shoot anyone. So yes, we still need YOUR guns controlled.

  2. Getting back to the Baldwin shooting, this is not an example of an accidental discharge, it is an example of a negligent discharge of a weapon. It is a crime.

  3. What are the numbers again, something like 100k crimes a year thwarted because the would be victim had a firearm. Take that away via control and it seems to me there would be more than 100k additional crimes. More than 100k because if the criminal knows no one can defend themselves that’s an opportunity for more crime.

  4. Facts and science don’t matter. Point this out to any progressive and they will respond “that study has been debunked!”. Their standard go-to position when confronted with truth.

  5. The point of “gun” control is to institute tyranny.
    It is, more accurately, “self-defense” and “fight back against tyranny” control.

    mortem tyrannis
    Fuck Joe Biden

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Baldwin has shown poor impulse control, and has demonstrated poor judgement throughout most of his public life. Whatever the legal outcome of this latest incident, Baldwin should be prohibited from ever possessing or handling a firearm for the rest of his life.

  7. Gun control legislation that I got passed prevented 150 million homicides and that’s a fact!

    Come on man, Let’s Go Brandon!
    You wanna go out back, wiseguy??

  8. Guns don’t kill people but Alec Baldwin does!


    Halyna Hutchins didn’t kill herself.
    Alex Baldwin did.

  9. By baldwin logic, if you borrow a car and go out & mow down a pedestrian, it’s the car owners fault?
    Maybe he should become a trannie, like Bruce Jenner did after he did that.

  10. The deranged “stop gun violence” whiners refuse to recognize there are two distinct kinds of gun violence.

    There’s the kind where, for example, a bad guy starts shooting at you because he wants to kill you and/or steal your stuff.

    That’s the bad kind of gun violence.

    And then there’s the kind where you shoot that bad guy who has started shooting at you and you stop him from killing you and/or stealing your stuff.

    That’s the good kind of gun violence.

  11. Sadly, now that it’s known the Good Samaritan is a worker for a defense contractor, I GUARANTEE you that some Leftist politician will put immense pressure on the contractor to fire the Good Samaritan.

  12. The party of manipulation; manipulating data, people, law, bureaucracy. In sum, slavery. Nothing’s changed in 4000 years but the stage on which the tragedy plays out.
    Stage right, we see Republican prop boys; the wingus and dingus of play of humanity.
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  13. Illinois, Cook county in particular, blames Indiana for it’s gun violence epidemic. I expect Massachusetts to follow suite and blame whichever neighboring state has the most lenient gun laws.

  14. The story about the awesome and patriotic, brave marine who stopped a robbery, actually does relate directly to this thread in an ironic way.

    Here is the caption from his video inteview;
    “Kilcer was on his way into work at around 4:30 a.m. He is a contractor with the Department of Defense, so he is not allowed to carry a gun into work, which is why he was not carrying his gun that morning.”

    If he wasn’t a skilled marine with hand to hand combat training, however instead was the average elderly grandfather, he would not have stood a chance unarmed.

    Gun control is dangerous and deadly, but armed defense preserved life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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