“Stump for Trump” Ladies Show How To Switch Party Registration To Support Trump

TheLastRefuge: Knowing the GOPe road map to nominate Jeb Bush depends upon a strategy of diminished primary voter turnout, the Stump for Trump ladies make a video showing how to change party registration.

Voting for Donald Trump in the primary is CRITICAL to defeating the GOPe scheme.

In addition to the things Trump is doing (exposing their money constructs and their actual unwillingness to address immigration reform), and beyond supporting Trump as he exposes them,  there are things WE MUST ALSO DO in order to defeat their plan.

The GOPe will want to push Trump supporters out of the official Republican party. This is by design. This is why you are seeing such vitriolic statements being made about registered Republican primary voters by the leadership inside the GOPe that need to control the registered Republican primary voters.

Don’t fall for their manipulations.

more – with video.

3 Comments on “Stump for Trump” Ladies Show How To Switch Party Registration To Support Trump

  1. In my state you can vote for whoever you want in the primary, it is a powerful weapon.
    I just hope the Dims think Trump is a chump on voting day.
    Have a feeling the ‘party crashers’ already have their own problems.

  2. Is this anything like “common sense” Claire McCaskill stumping for Todd Akin ? Only to unleash untold millions of attack ads against Todd Akin to ultimately destroy him before the election?
    Think she’s got a book out explaining the way she and her strategists did it. And many other “dishonorable” things she did and said to win the election

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