Image test

If you are one of the people who haven’t been able to see images yesterday, please let me know in the comments if you are seeing this image.


The image was sent to us by The Feral Irishman.

It’s an actual pic of Hillary. Haunting.

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  1. No can see, using IE in Windows 7. There’s a link there under the text “unnamed-8” which, when I click on it, either gets a “This page can’t be displayed” message or simply returns me to the same page, depending on the mood it’s in.

    However, I was able to use the link to “The Feral Irishman” web site, where I found a picture of “Queen Hillary”, and I assume that’s the one you are trying to post.


  2. I am on my iPhone and I can see it. May I suggest next image test be a picture of a seascape or a beautiful sunset? Just sayin’. ?

  3. Using Safari on MacBook and can only see 2 images this morning: Late Night Deejay and Man Sings Lovesong to Dying Wife. Same result in FireFox and Chrome.

  4. I’ve heard the phrase, “one foot in the grave,”
    but I’d NEVER seen
    “both feet, and everything else in the grave and the creepy head sticking out, asking, ‘Am I dead yet?’
    until NOW.

  5. Seeing it here, PC, Windows 10. First saw it on Drudge a few minutes ago and linked to the story. This old thang is not only sick in mind, but apparently in very ill health (that why she won’t debate?)…it says she suffers blinding headaches (Bill?), almost-fainting spells, and is very fearful of another blood clot…are these also the result of liberalism, which is definitely a mental disease?

    Well…I’ve experienced TWO pulmonary embolisms which nearly killed me, and my advice to Hillz the Beast: You do NOT drink alcohol when you are taking warfarin/Coumadin! Every time you do drink, you endanger your life. Stupid, just stupid!

  6. Radar Online (linked via Drudge today) sure has some haunting pics of Hillary. She doesn’t look well- but she is aging- and she doesn’t have the luck of good bone structure to have her beauty fade…

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