Government Accountability Office (GAO) using official Department of Justice data





  1. got any figures for all the rapes of young women and the thousands murdered every year by machismo drunk driving dreamers?

  2. In order to represent the population, much less a huge 5.6% (in that our GDP should be), do those illegal criminals need to fall in line with a census, which is counted from actual citizens? In other words is our population what is recognized as official plus 5.6% or is it what it is because of the 5.6%? Seriously, it’s damn near impossible to figure this shit out anymore.

  3. Theoretically, that 5.6% is part of the whole population. This is why illegal immigration is a violation of states rights.

    Say state A allows in 5 million illegal aliens and state B allows in no illegal aliens. However, 1 million citizens leave state A and move to state B. State B will show a population increase of 1 million but state A will show a population increase of 4 million. Which means that state B would most likely have to give up representatives to state A.

    Eradicate the left.

  4. Most estimates have the unofficial illegal population at 11% of our total population.
    Still, if 11% of the people are committing 38% of the murders, that is ridiculous.
    When you add in the black statistics, white people start to look pretty damn good, no?

    So why are we the most reviled in the country by lefties and academics?

    Well, you know why.
    It’s called THE BIG LIE.

    When you’re faced with a truth that is difficult to confront, explain, apologize for, you claim the complete opposite is true.

  5. I’m a bad ass pistolero. Gotta a lot of freinds that fit that criteria. Give us a target. Only a matter if time.

  6. What happens when you remove one of the states and add New Mexico? That place is a shithole with meth head mexicans all over. Can’t even find an English radio station south of Roswell. Oh, maybe they aren’t counted.

  7. WTF when I was young and dumb, well screw it, I’m still young and dumb, where’s the quota for my class?

  8. “It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch”

    The DamBamboozler and his radical fellow travelers are intentionally flooding the country with bad apples!

  9. It’s not really surprising that if you import a horde of illegal invading rat-people, that they act like … well, rats.

    This ain’t gonna get better.

    Rats can’t be civilized – just ask em.

    Until they remove their hats, look at the ground, and say “Thank you for not killing me,” they will continue down this path.

    History is quite clear on the subject.

  10. You are right. I spent a lot of time working around Artesia, Roswell, Hagerman etc. It is a dump. A lot like its namesake. Beautiful country populated by morons. To get a state contractor license, you had to know about adobe construction. WTF? It’s a good thing the general IQ of the population is so low or Texas would have another California next door.

  11. The GAO did a study in 2011 on the costs of housing these criminals.

    United States Government Accountability Office, Report to Congressional Requesters: CRIMINAL ALIEN STATISTICS – Information on Incarcerations, Arrests, and Costs.

  12. Well, EVERY single crime, from arson to burglary to murder to scamming, in MY town, is done by white people.

    There AREN’T any negroes or spicks.
    Whites have to pick up the slack.

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