Stupid Sanders

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  1. So, Jared Lee Loughner, who shot Gabby Giffords gets to vote too?
    That Sarah Palin is such an idiot!

  2. The ghoulish dumpocraps will do anything for a few votes. Dead people? Check. Murderers and rapists? Check. Child molesters? Why not…check.

  3. Hey Stupid, do they get to smoke weed in prison?
    Hey Stupid, do they get to put in tax applications saying they earn less than an amount (including no work, 0 hours, $0.00) and get credit (money paid to them)?
    Hey Stupid, what is a Marxist and are you one?
    Hey stupid, what is a socialist (because I knew you would go there) and why are you one?
    Hey stupid, was Thomas Jefferson a conservative?
    Hey stupid, how does the flow of money work in any society?
    Hey stupid, can we spend our way out of debt?
    Hey stupid, why is there money in a communist society?
    Hey stupid, If I kicked you in the balls would I be arrested? I.E: Can I have permission with a release agreement?

  4. (*stupid*) = interviewers coughing fit below

    Senator Sanders (*stupid*), if it’s true you are most popular with the (*stupid*) Millennial, 18-34 year-old age group (*stupid*), how do you convince them (*stupid*) that you will be vigorous enough and both physically and mentally (*stupid*) fit enough in 2020 considering you’ve hardly worked a (*stupid*) day in your (stupid*) life (*stupid*), especially since you look and act so old and possibly suffering from either ordinary dementia (*stupid*) or possibly Alzheimer’s disease (*stupid*)? Plus, how often do you comb that (*stupid*) hair and why do you look (*stupid*) like that? The (*stupid*) kids are worried about you, Senator.

  5. I wonder how blacks would have felt if someone had championed James Earl Ray’s right to vote?

    This is Bernie’s Dukakis moment about his wife being raped.

    Bernie just dropped the soap…and Bootygrunts was there to “pounce”

  6. Now think about “Ballot Harvesting” in conjunction with this.
    All they have to do is make one visit the jail, and guess whut?
    They all voted “DemocRAT”

    Might as well be one checkbox for each jail facility.
    There’s yer voter fraud on steroids!

  7. I’ll say it again:

    The Democrats have gone from Russian Collusion Hysteria, then back to Russian Collusion Hysteria, then to wanting to elect as president, either the guy who honeymooned in The Soviet Union or the sodomite guy who honeymoons in his husbands ass.

    Who could make this stuff up?


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