Suffering from “Toxic Whiteness”? There’s A Class To Help

Everyday Feminism has been offering a course for white people on how to overcome their subconscious racism so they can “engage in productive dialogue with those who knowingly or unknowingly defend white supremacy.”


It’s a 10 week video course that costs $97 (15-day money back guarantee). I’m not sure if you get a certificate or some other piece of paper that allows you to declare to your BLM friends that you’ve been through detox.

6 Comments on Suffering from “Toxic Whiteness”? There’s A Class To Help

  1. Funny thing occurred to me the other night. I was walking the South Side of Shitcago when it finally dawned on me that I was subconsciously racist. Thank God I had the foresight to get my cracker ass the hell out of there, and fast, before I was shot.

  2. These people need to be pranked called. Someone with a thick southern accent.

    “Now all the people around here say that I’m white trash. Will your course help me with that?”

    “So you’re an actually a toxicologist?”

    “Now do I get a t-shirt or a mug or something after I completely your course?”

    “I needed a few electives to complete my social justice degree, how many credits is your course worth towards a B.S. degree?”

  3. The disfavored race has been Caucasian for at least 40 years. And as we decline, so goes civilization.

  4. For 73 years, I have been white. You are what you are and there is absolutely no sense in feeling guilty for being white. Look how well blacks get along with each other in Chricago, Detriot, Atlanta, etc. They must be very proud to be black.

  5. It appears now, lofty speeches about love and mountaintops aside, the end goal from the beginning was Genocide.


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