Supermarkets in German state of Hesse can now block entry to the un-vaccinated Supermarkets in Frankfurt and the surrounding region can now implement rules that only allow vaccinated and Covid-recovered people onto their premises.

The new Covid health pass entry rules announced by the central state of Hesse have upped the pressure on the unvaccinated by allowing all shops to implement the so-called 2G rule at their doors.

The 2G rule refers to public places being given the option to allow entry only to vaccinated (geimpft in German) or people who’ve recovered from Covid (genesen). and has so far been allowed in half of Germany’s states for certain public places like bars, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas.

The government in Hesse said that it had taken the decision to go a step further and allow shops to bar entry to the unvaccinated “at the request of the sector”. MORE

18 Comments on Supermarkets in German state of Hesse can now block entry to the un-vaccinated

  1. As if Germany does not have a proud history of discriminating against those deemed undesirable by the government.

  2. Just claim you’re “protesting” in the name of BLM if you need something from the store. Not only will you not be required to wear a mask or be vaccinated( it’s not a vaccine)…. you can run out without paying for your goods and have the option of setting it on fire as a bonus.

  3. “zine zee papahz”
    I can not
    I can not
    “Vhy can not you zine zee papahz?”
    You haf brrrroken all my fingerrrs

  4. Stock. Up.

    Just a fee months ago, jab mandates were just a silly notion…something that would NEVER happen.

    Stock. UP.

  5. Of all the countries in the world you would think that Germany would be a little – no scratch that – a LOT more in tune and sensitive to the implications and consequences of these nazi tactics.

  6. “rules”

    Mob “rules”.

    There are several different kinds of mobs in fascism corporate mobs, street mobs, media mobs…but they all have “rules”.

    And the government mob smiles approvingly.

  7. “At the request of the sector”. So businesses want to voluntarily turn away customers, there’s no coercion by government. Right, gotcha.

  8. “And the government mob smiles approvingly.” -Thirdtwin

    And Communists and Fascists are the world’s all-time experts at manipulating mobs to increase their power.

  9. “Papiere, bitte”. Maybe it would help to make sure the non-vaccinated wear some sign, like maybe something yellow like a star. Yeah, that would work!


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