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Thanks to vax mandate, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists face mass firings

American Thinker:

By Monica Showalter

It’s not just nurses, firefighters, cops, military troops, and airline pilots who are getting fired over rigid COVID vaccine mandates.

Now it’s nuclear scientists with highly specialized knowledge and top-secret security clearances:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Workers at one of the nation’s premier nuclear weapons laboratories face a deadline Friday — be vaccinated or prepare to be fired.

A total of 114 workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory — the birthplace of the atomic bomb — are suing over the mandate, saying exemptions have been unduly denied and their constitutional rights are being violated by Triad National Security LLC, the contractor that runs the lab for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Which is quite outrageous, given that this deprives the U.S. of vital safety expertise on nuclear explosions which is the actual mission of the lab. It’s also appalling because it leaves these scientists unemployed. They won’t stay unemployed, of course. They can take their specialized knowledge and skills to other countries. Way to go, Joe, exporting our specialized scientists instead of our manufactured goods. more here

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  1. I’m guessing these people are just backward, uneducated, hay seed Trump voters that are polluting the gene pool anyway. At least that’s the way our ruling class and the brain trusts at CNN characterize anyone that refuses the “vaccine”, so it has to be true. Obviously we can’t expect mere nuclear scientists / engineers to be smart enough to know what’s best for them.

  2. Not a problem. Between our nursing shifts, flying airliners, driving semis, unloading container ships, and keeping you peasants away from your betters in DC, we can do some nuclear stuff in our spare time.

  3. From the article…

    “The newspaper said that Triad announced after the Pfizer vaccine was approved that it would make the vaccine mandatory for its workforce”


    The APPROVED “vaccine” is Comirnaty, which in ONLY offered OCONUS, and even Pfizer says it is “Legally Distinct” and “may not protect everyone”.

    And enjoy reading the “side effects” for a “virus” with a 99.98% survival rate that MOST PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE A NATURAL IMMUNITY TO…

  4. You’re most welcome, ORWW! Kinda thought THAT article might be the one you wanted to link. 🙂

    The best to you and yours…

  5. The states with true, and binding anti-Biden vax mandates, as far as I know are Arkansas, Florida, and Texas.

    Those three states are Biden Vax Mandate free for RRTs and Nurses.

    I don’t know who else, or wherever else. But that’s contractual, binding, and whole 10/17/21.

  6. Not too long ago, the Great Wise designated certain classes of workers as essential and they were expected to work during the raging, contagious, deadly pandemic. Now, these same Masterminds decree that No One Shall Work regardless of occupation, essential or otherwise. Makes you wonder, don’t it?

  7. These entities which fire non-vaxxed employees couldn’t care less about any vaxx OR their people from the jump. The only reason why these groups/cities/states/entities are either demanding workers to submit to a drug they don’t want or firing them for refusal is because these very same entities and states have accepted massive amounts of coin from the butt-wipe Biden’s “covid relief money-fund”. To be eligible, any entity/state must either fire non-vaxxed workers or submit a list with proof of those who have submitted to Biden’s unrealistic, illegal, and deranged sadistic vindictive mental-defect whims. Add that NONE of that accepted money goes to the citizenry, states, or businesses as those in charge use it for themselves for personal and luxury purposes. Research each city/state which accepted the money and see the massive fail, segregation, filth, increasing crime, unemployment, and high poverty in each one such as seen in NY, CA, Oregon, Washington, et al.

  8. I know someone who is spearheading an important tech project for the US Army and will not be getting the vax. So far, this contractor’s company is going to comply but rumblings of mass defiance are putting this in doubt.


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