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Survey Finds 96% of Biologists Believe Life Begins At Conception

Washington Sentinel

University of Chicago Ph.D. graduate Steve Jacobs discovered that more than 90 percent of biologists agreed that life begins at conception, but it is a fact that has made him a target of destruction by radical leftists.

Jacobs chose a very politically incorrect topic for his dissertation, and despite the facts of the case, he was almost tossed out of school because of it.

The researcher says that his idea of finding out when most scientists think human life begins was meant to help set a scientific baseline for one of the most contentious political arguments of the day. He said he thought that if there was at last one science-approved fact about the abortion debate, it would help keep the discussion grounded in facts.

Unfortunately for Jacobs, when his survey of scientists got underway, school officials repeatedly tried to shut him down because they did not like that the facts were going against the political ideology of left-wing abortion supporters. More

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  1. Well, Mr. Jacobs’ survey seems to be flawed. First, there was no control for scientific and polling bias through the use of means-tested blind control groups subjectively adjusted for optical fluidity. The survey also does not appear to take into account statistical anomalies and palpable confidence levels whose metrics were pseudo-validated by transformative modalities and optimum quantum hermeneutics….

    Oh, screw it – we just like killing babies.

  2. Life doesn’t actually “begin” at any point, is is passed on in a continuous unbroken chain from parent to child for generation after generation. The generations may die, but the life they were imbued with is passed on and does not.

  3. Ditto Anonymous.

    Cells are living too. So are the “half-cells” sperm and eggs. They surely aren’t inanimate objects like rocks.

    The abortion issue from a legal standpoint is not about biology but law. It’s not about whether it’s “life” (so are plants). It’s not about whether it’s “human life” (of course it is.)

    From a legal standpoint it’s about whether it’s a “person”. (Both corporations and “individuals” are “persons” under the law.)

    Why is this important? It’s important because when you argue with the left, or lobby for a change in a law, you need to be be talking about legal personhood (and why and when someone — or something attains that status), not “life” or “human life”.

  4. Not belief: knowledge.
    Biologists know when life begins by the signs.
    Facts are inescapable. That doesn’t imply that some lives aren’t worth living – or that some people need killing.
    Killing our children is a conscious decision – only the most brain-dead miscreant hypocrite could “believe” that killing its children is something else.
    The “clump of cells” lie and the consequent “debate” are merely clouds over the issue of infanticide.
    I must assume that some people feel better about themselves if they can maintain the pretense of the assertion that children aren’t REALLY children and babies ARE NOT babies. The law supports infanticide – so there shouldn’t be any “guilty” feelings about it. The STATE – your family, friends, and neighbors – agree that you have the “right” to kill your children.
    It’s only a matter of time before they “grant” you the “right” to fuck them, as well.
    (notice that the children have no “rights” in the whole debate? how’s that happen?)

    Same logic used by Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim dynasty, Turks, slavers, musselmen … well, oppressors of humanity throughout History.
    Not human: no rights.
    (see: Nuremberg Laws, for instance)
    All it takes is a majority vote!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Liberals once upon a time liked to claim it wasn’t a life, but they always knew it was. Just like they said abortions should be safe, legal and rare. At least now they brag about killing babies and brag about wanting more dead babies.

  6. If the ‘growth’ inside the female is a result of sex and will 3000 times out of 3000 times result in the birth of a human baby-

    THEN YEAH. It begins right then and there. Anyone who says otherwise is willfully blind to the murder of the inconvenient and innocent.

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