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Survey Says

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According to the NBC News poll, Trump leads Biden among voters in handling a crisis, being competent and effective, dealing with inflation, having the necessary physical and mental health, and having a strong record as president. 

“Competent and effective, that was President Biden’s, the crux of his campaign pitch in 2020,” host of “Meet the Press” Kristen Welker said. [Steve] Kornacki noted that back in 2020, the numbers were flipped, and voters viewed Biden as being more competent and effective.

The poll found 47% of voters view Trump as competent and effective, compared to just 36% who view the president the same way. 

“Who has the strong record as president? And again, Trump outpacing Biden on that front. And again, you’ve got to mention this one, too. Necessary mental and physical health. We asked this four years ago. It was a wash. It’s now a clear liability for Joe Biden. So these are all troubling numbers for Biden,” Kornacki said.

Biden leads Trump in just two categories; his ability to bring the country together and in dealing with abortion. However, Kornacki noted a lot of voters believed neither candidate was better than the other in their ability to bring the country together. More

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  1. Maybe.

    But Pedo leads President Trump in lawfare, congessional capture, media fealty, and outright voter fraud, as well as in brownshirts and imported foreign mercenaries.

  2. Seems like the only polls that matter in the past are the ones that count the votes.
    Question is will they be able to pull it off again?
    Trump for the win this time treasonous cheaters.

  3. “Survey Says”
    Power is handed over to the WHO, who declare a a fictional pandemic, the DC sellouts declare an emergency and cancel the election.
    Just a guess………..


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