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Sweden: Police station bombed in Malmö

Jihad Watch: A war that only one side acknowledges is being fought. The other side thinks it will win over its enemy with good-will gestures and welfare programs.

A Swedish police station was bombed Wednesday evening, only the latest of several attacks against such symbols of the Swedish state in recent years.

The apparent attack against Sweden’s police in the migrant ghetto neighbourhood of Rosengård in Sweden’s migrant crisis frontier city Malmö took place around nine o’clock Wednesday night. There were no injuries, but several cars belonging to police officers and the facade of the recently built police station were damaged.

Two police cars were reported to be outright destroyed, and the explosion was so loud it was heard several neighbourhoods over.

Surveillance footage of the station showed a man in the vicinity of the station shortly before the blast. Officers have made two arrests and are appealing for those with more information to come forward, reports Aftonbladet. Although several news outlets have reported the explosion was caused by a grenade, police have not confirmed the nature of the powerful blast.  more

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  1. And yet they blame Eastern European countries for being racist for building walls and keeping out the invasion refugee hordes.

    Yet they can’t figure out why these same Eastern European countries are not being destroyed from within by these same savages.

  2. I just hope when the muslims make the move toward a violent overthrow of the Swiss government, the power players who encouraged it to happen will be the first to lose their heads… and it won’t stop in Sweden once it starts either… Long live the queen! Not!!!

  3. The really bad thing is that when President Trump is finally able to fix our immigration system, these muslim slime will be Swedish citizens and thus eligible to immigrate to the US of A.

  4. Remember EUROPEAN VACATION? Remember the poor British man, who kept getting destroyed by Clark? He maintained his, ‘it’s all right, it’s only a bike, leg, artery response, at each assault’.

    THAT is the perfect illustration of Europe’s masochistic acceptance of the horrors perpetrated upon it, by the barbarian horde. They don’t even hold their noses as they sink in the abusive💩.

  5. Well this was entirely predictable.

    I’m sure those same police officers will hit the streets and arrest / charge any native Swede that tweets about the incident.

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