Tag Lines 2.0

This thread is about coming up with an iOTWreport tag line.

Remember, this is for use on other sites, so we have to have it marketable on sites that aren’t as much of a risk taker as we are. It’s a tough task. It has to be reflective of our sensibilities but at the same time be posted by a site that might not be as “out there” as we are.

Here’s another round to vote on. Click the ones you like.


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  1. Recommended by 0 out of 5 *leftwits

    * you can recommend words to replace leftwits. Remember, this has to be marketable on sites other than ours.

  2. IOTW : We Get Done What “They” Don’t, Whoever the They Are.


  3. ….THIS IS IT!!!….It’s inspirational and prophetic….are you ready?….”IOTWREPORT.com…Good stuff and Zonga is in a bikini!!!!”…

  4. Where real ALPHA dogs and dog e t t e s go to HOWL.

    Had to type it that way for spellcheck. Feel free to alter it in any way.

  5. Forgot to vote:

    “you’re going to need a bigger brain” – that’s it.

    Or how about a slight variation?

    IOTW: Where You’ll Need a Bigger Brain.

  6. Just a side note: I like the tagline “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Brain”, but it worries me that some people may think that it implies that the site is too “intelligent” for the average person to comprehend.

    Or maybe I just worry too much, I dunno.

  7. I Don’t know why you dropped this one, “Doing the job the MSN won’t”. I thought it was the best.

  8. I thought Fur wrote to click this round of the ones he posted; not continue to come up with more tag lines.

    I would make one small change to the brain line: Instead of saying you need a bigger brain, I’d drop the adjective and just say, “You’re going to need a brain.” I dunno. I don’t like any of them.

    I’ve given this a lot of thought and I don’t know what our sensibilities are. We go from the ridiculous to the sublime most days. There are as many political stories as random — what would you say? — “human interest” stories. You can’t really peg IOTWReport. One thing we ain’t — a bunch of Progressive Leftists.

    “IOTWReport.com: Beating the crap out of progressive, anti-American Leftists, collectively.” Well, it probably won’t play in Peoria or American Thinker.

  9. Mine was nominated, although I used Libtards, not leftwits, but I get it. Libtards is more fitting, because fuck ’em. However, I suppose you could replace “leftwits” with Democrats or Liberals. That would send a clear message.

  10. Who are we trying to appease, and do we have to clean up our act?
    I hope it brings you more money.

  11. @AbigailAdams: You’re right – we’re not supposed to continue to come up with more
    tag lines. But then again, when have you known the readers of this site to actually follow any instructions they were given?

    “IOTWReport – We break the rules so you don’t have to”


  12. Just thought of another one:

    “IOTWReport – I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”


  13. IOTW Report – a buffet of non – pc
    IOTW Report – a buffet with almost everything except pc

  14. Driving a stake through the heart of stupidity.

    Sanity’s embattled outpost

    Buckle your seat belts we drive the left crazy.


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