Take a gander at the left – this is horrendous and will lose votes

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  1. I suspect these folks are the same demented lunatics that made these videos;


    The left loves to use kids as props for their propaganda, mistakenly believing that it lends some credibility or sanction. Kids, being the intellectual sponges that they are, will parrot anything their dullard parents advocate for.

  2. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrible thing to share with children. Just imagine how deranged things will get after Trump gets re-elected.

  3. Remember Hitler and the communists love to use children as ideological battering rams. I’m sure the KKK also infused their kids with venomous hate and stupid, false ideas. Using kids as human shields is oh so civilized…(think muslim terrorists).

  4. This is ideological version of gender-altering drugs: once ingested, it alters everything for the worse–and is almost impossible to reverse. The damage can turn out to be permanent (in the person and in the culture).

  5. It’s stories like this that makes me happy that I don’t have any grandchildren. My kids saw into the future, and what it would hold for their children and decided it was too brutal and unkind.

  6. Who is that ugly ass old crone in the vid?
    Looks like a libtard.
    BTW= Is that crap for real ?

  7. I think that that ugly ass old crone looks like the one who harassed Rand Paul the other day…
    Keep in mind this is not the crazy Left, but rather the work of cold, calculating Communists using our kids to destroy us from within and no, they aren’t that far from muzlims and nazis in that regard. They both use similar indoctrination tactics. The only way we defeat them is at the polls. Un-elect every damn democRAT possible and we’ll start seeing some real change, for a change!


    @Anonymous October 20, 2019 at 11:40 am

    > The muslims teach their kids to shoot and wear suicide vests.

    The new generation of those that call you “enemy”. If you insist on “saving” those scorpions, who is anyone else to care?

  9. What backfire? Those who will be aghast already would be. Those who think it’s brilliant, funny and fresh would have anyway. Very, very few minds will be changed seeing it because few will be able to be surprised by it.

    LadyGun12 said it:

    “I should be shocked, but I’m not.”

  10. 1930s European Jews = Trump and supporters

    Julius Streicher = whoever thought of this video

    Der Sturmer = this video

    German Nazis = American Nazis

  11. Jerk the microphone over the worldwide wireless airwaves away from these child molesters and destroyers of civilized sanity. Hitler’s youth propaganda cannot hold a candle next to this form of mass communication. There shall be consequences.

    They have already made you, us and our neighbors their enemy and are indoctrinating their offspring with the same destructive narrative.

  12. They completely lack any critical thinking skills or self-awareness. Their bad attitudes,”swag”, and fouled mouthed in your face demeanor is only considered to be an asset anoungst their peers in the junenile correctional facilities or in the ghetto. This most likely where these troubled youths are headed, because this type of behavior is normally not tolerated in polite society.

  13. We have a record number of women owned businesses in the Trump economy.
    We also have a record number of women in the workforce now.

    Trump built that.

    Men allowed in women’s bathrooms.
    0bama built that.

  14. @mickey moussaoui October 20, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    > We have a record number of women owned businesses in the Trump economy.
    > We also have a record number of women in the workforce now.

    I do hope you just posted that in the wrong thread.

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