Take a look at the new shoe from Nike’s Kaepernick Collection

20 Comments on Take a look at the new shoe from Nike’s Kaepernick Collection

  1. Roger Goodell would probably buy them for the entire NFL.
    They need a sneaker that has Castro on it to complete the collection.

  2. I will do gorilla stomps on anyone who wears them. Send me 2 dozen so I can resale them to some of the Jacksonville Jaguars

  3. Nike doesn’t give a rat’s about Kaeperdick’s “cause, Nike cares about Nike’s bottom line and globalization

  4. Nike tried that racial divide before when Tiger Woods came on tour and began to win. They had an ad that said as great as he was there were still some courses he could not play, inferring that because he was black they would not allow him entrance. Never identified the courses. You tell me what course would have banned him then and now. I wouldn’t take any Nike merchandise if they paid me to take it, screw them !

  5. Nike HQ is in Portland, Oregon. Phil Knight practically owns the University of Oregon, including the library and the football team. Boycotting UO football games would be a stab in the back for Knight, who must be anti-American, too. Americans are really idiots to buy way over-priced Nike products that are made out of country by poorly paid, almost slave labor. Destroying items already purchased has no effect. Not buying and not supporting Nike at all should have some effect. And that is what the MSM should be forced to admit.

  6. Leftist tools are so eager for ways to offend conservatives, they just might steal the concept.
    Brilliant image, BTW.

  7. This shit bird needs a good ass kicking. Sorry, has nothing to do with his is half-breed race, only his stupid misconceptions.

  8. @XTACSGT, the courses Tiger was banned from (if true) were probably members only courses. The same ones I, a white woman, can’t play at.

  9. Man…there’s a WHOLE LOT of salty white ppl here in the comments 😂 You guys still have Skechers. WTF is the problem? 😂 If y’all were 1/2 as angry about police brutality & systemic injustice…you just might…well………..nevermind.

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