Taliban Violence Explodes after Biden Called Them ‘Professional and Businesslike’

Neon Nettle-

Earlier this month, National Security Council (NSC) Spokesperson Emily Horne said the Biden administration was grateful to the Taliban for being “businesslike and professional.”

Horne said:

“The Taliban have been cooperative in facilitating the departure of American citizens and lawful permanent residents on charter flights from HKIA.”

“They have shown flexibility, and they have been businesslike and professional in our dealings with them in this effort.”

Turabi’s comments come as Joe Biden’s public approval rating has plummeted following his withdrawal. more

9 Comments on Taliban Violence Explodes after Biden Called Them ‘Professional and Businesslike’

  1. I am always very businesslike and offer a firm handshake before departure.

    It would be an honor to shake the President’s hand.

  2. Everything about the Obiden-Kalamity Maladministration is “professional and businesslike.” Just look at the Open Borders. They are importing Third World Replacement Shitholers at an inconceivable rate in an astonishingly “professional and businesslike” manner. It’s also “seditious and traitorous.”

  3. The Mafia is more business like and professional than the Taliban who are stone cold killers. At least the Mafia has a somewhat code of honor, the Taliban has no honor whatsoever and never will have.


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