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Democrat Rep. Cuellar: Harris’s border trip didn’t change anything

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UPDATED 12:51 PM PT – Friday, September 24, 2021

Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas) warned Kamala Harris’s trip to the southern border did not change anything. During an interview on Thursday, Cuellar said the surge of illegal immigration on the southern border won’t let up anytime soon.

Earlier this week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said there were roughly 8,000 Haitian migrants still camped in the Del Rio sector.

“Failures to enforce laws that exist in the United States leads to chaos and chaos leads to inhumanity,” he expressed. “The Biden administration is a man-made disaster of inhumanity of epic proportions. It must end. It must immediately.”

Cuellar was then asked about Harris’s performance as border czar. more here

4 Comments on Democrat Rep. Cuellar: Harris’s border trip didn’t change anything

  1. I would not be surprised that Biden is trying everything to blow a huge smoke screen over the unrelenting newsworthy push for the 2020 election audit by multiple states.

    It is glaringly becoming more evident as Biden appears purposely trying to create absolute human chaos and dangerous calamity no matter what the cost to the United States, its allies and human suffering, rape and deaths of illegal aliens pouring through the now-opened borders, along with deadly fentanyl…things that you’d think that only our
    most insane and deadly enemies would perpetrate upon Our Country.

    This man is a danger to nearly everyone (besides maybe the Chines government). He needs to step down immediately on his own. If not, then arrested and tried for either his mental fitness, for treason (as the evidence may lead) or be impeached.

    Whatever the outcome, these dangerous political games of his has to cease immediately! The man is mentally unfit and dangerous!

  2. Nothing will change unless voters burn the house of democrats to the ground. Wake up this is war are you waiting for America to fall??


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