Tanks for the Memories

A Lefty writer is being “ratioed” for calling out this toy.

Lefties think that a toy such as this turns people into violent “gun-crazy” right-wingers.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin was the one playing shoot-em-up and killed a woman, and they are defending him.

Looks fun to me.

By the way, the most notorious “tank picture” was of a lefty oppressing people.

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  1. Hmmm. When I was those kids age I could think of better games to play with the girls next door than army. Times change, no?

  2. My grandfather was an itinerant junk dealer who specialized in heavy machinery and WWII surplus back in the 50s and 60s. He would stop by occasionally as he passed through Atlanta, usually with some Caterpillar or Allis-Chalmers on a flatbed, but one time, he showed up with a decoy inflatable tank from D-Day. It took us most of the day to inflate it on out front yard.

    This was in 1968, and for three glorious days, every kid in a half mile radius was clambering all over that thing. And neighborhood WWI vets would stop by to check it out, too. I was a little 7 year-old, long-haired hippie wannabe back then, but only on the surface. Good times, good times.

  3. We wish we would’ve had one or two of those when we were kids back in the 60’s. But nowadays even small green toy soldiers would be considered to provoke kids to violence which I call bs. We all played Army, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians back then and none of us turned out to be antisocial psychopaths. The lefty coddled kids did who were given everything but discipline and allowed to get away or made excuses for with everything did. The biggest problem with this toy tank is that it’s more than likely made in China and sold at Wally World. No thanks, my grandkids will pass on this Chinese made POS. Call me skeptical but it probably has some kind of secret monitoring device imbedded in it that tracks how our kids play with it which wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. There used to be a World War 2 Army halftrack in a junkyard at the far South end of Spokane in the mid 60’s which all the kids thought was the coolest thing ever. Now that whole area has been urbanized into a shopping center and lots and lots of new housing developments.

  5. As soon as we can all agree and settle on the fact that the Left’s stated attitudes about weapons is, and always has been, the abolition of the 2A and disarmament of Americans, it simplifies our argument against them. As usual, the Left embroils the public square in THEIR argument by getting us to incrementally give up types of weapons until all that’s left is pop guns (and they’ve already gone after childrens’ toys!). They’ve been working at disarming us from both ends of the spectrum; controlling what our kids think about weapons and chipping away at what is a weapon, when what is required is to throw these people out on their ear and declare that the argument is off the table. No more discussion about the 2A, get it?!

    The best recent example of how the Left chips away at our values as Americans is the whole “gender ideology” baloney. We should never have got to the question of whether boys/men can use girls/womens bathrooms/locker rooms or if they can play on womens’ sports teams, etc. The argument should have ended with “boys/men are NOT girls/women” and vice-versa.

  6. Anything that gives “Bilba” and her ilk the vapors I heartily endorse.

    BTW, who names their kid Bilba?? Never mind… I know who. And, yes… this is an asshat that won’t even spell Walmart.

  7. I’d rather see my grandkids ride around the yard in one of those than a faggy pink Barbie jeep. Make toys great again!

  8. The Left needs to settle down about this stuff. Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.

    (Borrowed from a t-shirt DJT Jr. is selling.)

  9. Where were toys like that when I was a kid? I would have drained the batteries chasing after my sister with that thing.

  10. Tell as Biba, who ?
    And Ty you know what’s sick, Alec Baldwin shooting people, blacks shooting babies on south side Chicago.
    Let’s go Brandon to Walmart get us some tanks.

  11. I had a little electric sports car when I was 5, it didn’t look like the MachV, more like the Sunbeam Tiger that Maxwell Smart drove. It was a blast all ,5mph of it until I found out that hat it’s not street legal, and you can’t fill the tank from the lawnmower gas can. Kinda never was the same after the fire, would have wanted the tank more anyway.


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