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Target Selling a Very Gay Christmas


Target is under fire once again – this time for selling LGBTQ+ styled Christmas decorations. And conservatives are NOT having it. 

One of the new items on the chain’s inventory is a 2023 nutcracker decoration which features the nutcracker in a jacket with a pride flag running down the middle, a pride flag hat, and a pride flag in his hand. I say “his” hand loosely, as the statue also has pink hair, eyeshadow, and feminine eyelashes. Perhaps he’s a drag queen as well. 

Another new item this year is a Christmas snow globe with a rainbow heart in the middle and the phrase “love is love” in the center. More

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  1. “I didn’t know Christmas candy included chocolate starfish. And that package says, ‘tinsel,’ but it sure looks like a pearl necklace to me. And also why is the Elf on the Shelf wearing chaps?”

  2. Pastor Gary Hamrick recently did a presentation at his church on the subject of “trans-ing America” (or something like that). It’s on YT. I highly recommend seeing it.

    He shows that companies like Target DO NOT CARE if they lose value or money because they are being propped up by the commie globalists whose agenda is to rip the heart out of America; strip us of any sense of the values that make our country great.

    Oh heck, here it is:

    Worth every minute, too.

  3. Never been in a Target.
    They proved themselves anti-American (anti-Civilization) back during one of those cat-box wars, if memory serves.

    Now they flaunt their Satanism before God and man.
    Woe unto them who mock God.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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