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Task – Name One Major Sh8thole That is Run By the Right


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14 Comments on Task – Name One Major Sh8thole That is Run By the Right

  1. How much longer before there are no safe cities in America? The low and no information voters will continue to vote for democRats right straight on down to Hell. If you live in a big city I say get the hell out.

    After reading lousy, disgusting, sad, and maddening news stories all day I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t enough time left in my life to ever be HappyJack again. 🙁

  2. The right should make a commercial like this and run it 24/7.
    Offer $25,000 might wake up people in big cities.

  3. Detroit had a Republican mayor up until the early-mid 60s. The first few democrats were riding the Republican prosperity. Then LBJ’s Great Socialist Society kicked in and in 10 short years, the centers of the largest American cities looked like the photo above. It’s when Detroit became Dertoilet.

  4. The right — I ahd the same thought. Run that ad 24/7. There was a recent piece (I forget where) about R’s finally embracing negative campaign ads like the dims. This one would be a humdinger.

  5. It would be RAAAAAACIIIIIIST.

    “The republicans hate blacks, look at the ad. They’re waging war on the black inner city. They’re blaming all of America’s problems on the blacks. This hatred cannot be tolerated”

    Also many of the worst hell holes are not only DEMOCRAT run but BLACK DEMOCRAT run.

    So, any criticism of POLICY is immediately shunted to RAAAAAAACIIIIIIIST.

    Clever ploy, actually.

    Personally I think they SHOULD run ads like that, I’m just pointing out what could happen.

  6. if only the leftist shitholes didn’t spillover into the rest of the country.

    sooner or later the communist in the world need to be dealt with.

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