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Tonight’s Soothiness by FDR IN HELL

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  1. Hell would not have elevators. It’s hell. My first apartment was in hell. 20 floors. No elevator.

  2. FDR, I thought I was the only person who absolutely loved that song. I saw the movie when it was first out in theaters and knew I had to get the soundtrack. I still have it on my playlist. The string work in that piece is gorgeous.

  3. One of my favorites from Ennio Morricone. I’m glad there are some fellow movie music aficionados out there.

    If you like classic style movie music I recommend this online radio service. I listen to it all the time

    Just register and its free, though you sometimes have to fight the autoplaying commercials.

  4. Now THIS is soothiness. Excellent selection FDR.

    You see, public broadcasting is good for something.

    Brad and Moe Tom – Absolutely love the Tucker boys. They were my band in the mid 70’s. The way they could blend the flute and the sax into their country rock genre was brilliant.

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