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I count 19 – Anyone else see 20?

I guess the Common Core lesson is do what you’re told. Count to 19 and then write 20. Then pull the lever for a dummicrat.

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  1. You are so immersed in your white privilege that you don’t even see the “fruit of color” on the page, and don’t even think to count it. And it’s so ingrained in you, you’re not even aware of it. Pathetic. 😀

  2. 20 is the circle center line. Holey shit. They have CAD assist writing this crap because they are to stupid. And CAD is often wrong. Like here.

  3. I have 11 fingers according to Common Core. Touch each finger of your left hand with the index finger of your right hand and count backwards from 10. So, 10-9-8-7-6 and the 5 fingers on your right hand make 11.

    Do I have to do ALL of the thinking around here?

  4. Look at the top of the page, the answer is right there. Lesson 8.2 + 8.2 = 20 Ya’ll nead to learn how to cyfer. Mr. Hat does.

  5. 19 is just as good as 20 if everything else is equal. Unless a privileged white guy has 20 of something and some poor underprivileged schlub has only 19 then it’s not fair. Idjits!

  6. No…. I do believe that apple with the number 1 is the fooler.
    Count that first and it works. (Yes, I saw it before I read the comments.)
    Idk, math is/was not my forte!

  7. What type of fruit is that? Just put The O’s head on there and Common Core would be complete. If you focus like a laser, that’s all that matters.

  8. Why count? The government told you that the answer is 20.

    Isn’t that the purpose of government – to tell us everything that we need to do, think and say?

  9. Your brains are poisoned by white privilege into using the patriarchal decimal supremacist “numbering” scheme. This is grossly discriminatory and emotionally harms the differently digited peoples of the world with more than ten fingers or toes.

    It’s off to sensitivity training for the lot of you!

  10. Actually, it looks like the kid wrote 111 at the bottom, so there could be a LOT more than 20 apples after all!

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