Tax cuts 2.0

“We want to aim this at even faster economic growth going out in the president’s second term,” Kudlow said.

FOX: The Trump administration has begun reviewing ways to carry out its goal of cutting taxes for the middle class.

While lowering the payroll tax isn’t high on the White House’s list, adjusting the earned income tax credit for low to moderate earners is something that’s being examined, Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. WATCH

6 Comments on Tax cuts 2.0

  1. Please! Mister President! We are tired of all this winning!! We can’t take any more winning!!

    …said no one, er, no sane person. Ever.

  2. Is there any sanity in voting against less taxes, jobs, savings, home ownership, strong military and homeland security, God and guns?

    According to the left…yes!

  3. love this administration’s optimism … as opposed to the last few administrations gloom & doom … particularly the last one’s

    … tell me again why should anyone vote for Creepy Sleepy Joe? … or the rest of the D’rat trash

    PDT believes in the American Dream … he’s lived it & strives to give the same potential to all of us … I, for one, appreciate his efforts & will do what I can to give him a mandate for his ideas.

  4. “Joe Blow” Biden…
    Just for once think about what you will say, Jack Ass,
    The more you ad lib, the dumber you get,
    In three yrs President Trump did more than both of you fools did in 8 yrs,
    Americans will never tire of winning, you have never been a winner,
    You were his insurance policy against assassination.

  5. The 800 pound gorilla is the deficit and this unhinged deficit spending. Trillion dollar+ deficits are the fucking norm? If our side gets the House back, some tough decisions need to be made.

    The first one has got to be absolutely no more of this continuing resolution horseshit.


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