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TDS is Dangerous

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  1. That one dudes a plant. Watch the aggressive forward movement and the the slow retreat with the over exaggerated hand and arm movements.. The Left holds classes for this sort of thing. Grab him by his throat and he will shit and piss all over him self and his voice will go hypersonic.

  2. Sadly, many males (?) act this way in college because they think it will get them laid.

    Not manly, captivating, driven, or even interesting, the weak willed will simp towards that which they think women will respond to. Calling the MAGA crowd fascists’ publicly is their mating call.

  3. “I didn’t want to kill him before, but I could reconsider my position. What an ignorant, rude POS!”

    Not only that, but you may have to the way he’s demonized normal people and wants to fight them to the death.

  4. Bob,
    You may club the asshole, but unlike baby seals, “its” pelt is worthless.


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