Teacher Fail: 40% of New York City Educators Haven’t Gotten Their Fauci Ouchie

Louder With Crowder:
Cards on the table: I don’t have a strong opinion on your or anyone else’s personal medical decisions. I do however have an opinion on hypocrites, the teacher’s unions who are in serious need of busting, and our incompetent president. Because the message being put out about v-word hesitancy is that it’s the fault of Fox News watching Trump supporters. Them, and those mystery twelve people sharing memes on Facebook. Accordingly to Jim Geraghty this morning, it would appear there are a lot of New York City Department of Education Employees with MAGA hats in their closets. 40% of DOE employees have yet to get their arm jab.

That’s the New York City DOE. Not Jacksonville or Dallas. The place where Bill DeBlasio lets the inmates run free. more

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  1. Meanwhile all over the internet the story 70% of adults have been vaccinated! Hurray! My Butts Been Wiped Booger Eatin Biden met his goal. Now we need 80% – goalposts moved again! This is all a complete lie. I was out this weekend multiple times at big box stores / grocery stores and NO ONE was getting vaccinated. This is another psyops to get people to feel like they should go get it. At what point are people going to WAKE UP.

  2. You’ve probably heard that only the uneducated stupid people don’t get the vaccine. Well, there you go then, 40% of the NY “educators” need to be relieved from their job.

  3. I had about a half hour conversation about the JAB today with my Oncologist. One of the things he said cracked me up. “Every time Fauci get in front of a TV camera all the real Doctors start cussing. He makes our job very difficult”.

  4. I have been a college teacher. The college I worked with decided that getting the vaccine and wearing masks were an abomination. I live in Colorado, we are under the mandate of Gov. Polis and the dems. Most of this is because of people who have moved from Cali. You left the problem to raise the problem in the state that I have lived in. Go back home. I was born and live in Colorado. You FUd your state, don’t do it to mine


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