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Pelosi Gets “Eviction Notice” From Protestors

Daily Mail

A group of about 40 housing and homeless advocates marched to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s San Francisco mansion on Saturday to hang an ‘eviction notice’ on her door, demanding she reconvene Congress to pass legislation extending the eviction moratorium.

The moratorium expired at midnight on Saturday, and the House Speaker was unable to garner enough support to pass a resolution extending it before Congress adjourned for summer break.

She has instead demanded that the Centers for Disease Control, which initially started the moratorium extend it, despite a Supreme Court ruling requiring Congressional authorization. More

5 Comments on Pelosi Gets “Eviction Notice” From Protestors

  1. They’ll eventually be evicted anyway by the mortgage holder after the owners get foreclosed on because they can’t make the mortgage payments. Another poor solution to a problem by our overseers who in reality caused the homeless problem in the first place.

  2. The rent moratorium is not a mortgage moratorium. So, this is just a bunch of government assholes bankrupting small time landlords. It’s just another front on the war on small businesses while big box employers and large property owners get easy loans and subsidies from the government. And large REITs like Blackrock get billion$ from the fed at zero interests to buy out the landlords the fucking democrats illegally bankrupted.

  3. Feel bad for the small real estate investors and those who rent one or two homes to others. They’ve been screwed big time.

    Wii and has caused more abandoned homes in big cities.

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