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Teacher Puts the “F” Into “WTF”

A Florida mother was appalled at the failing grade on a science assignment for her child. It wasn’t so much the “F” earned but the added comment by the teacher at the top of the report “WTF is this? absolutely no credit.” More

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  1. Articles like this put the handful of good teachers we have in this country in a bad light. This teacher probably made a mental error thinking this was the same student shes sends the nude photos of herself to.

  2. iOTW’s Ralph & Stymie retired and moved to Florida. There’s no Internet access at THE VILLAGES. Too much geezer porn.

    If you’re referring to the Little Rascals, they’re all dead.

  3. Since this was supposed to be a science project, the first question that needs to be asked is if what the student submitted was related to science or climate change & if the teacher could see if the assignment was actually completed by the parent & not the student. Granted the teacher could have used a better response, such as the student needs to do this other assignment enclosed since it has been determined the parents did this one based upon words & phrases used, based on the student’s past work.

  4. …the whole culture is getting coarsened this way. One of my favorite examples is the there is an electrical company locally that has “AF” as part of their name, so there’s a giant billboard on I-75 touting them as “We’re Honest A F”…

  5. for pete’s sake, whilst I will agree that there is definitely a coarsening of our society………. I will state for the record that I have not seen any of my children’s completed work from high skrewl. I do pay attention to their grades but otherwise do not see nor do I ask for any completed work. On top of all of this, what high skrewl student doesn’t use the “f” word and why on God’s green acre would he/she be alarmed by “WTF”?
    I think everybody here needs to take a breath.

  6. Teachers need to start employing my tried and true method for conveying, well whatever it is that needs to be said without resorting to the objectionable language.

    EX; “Listen you little I-am-Groot, you need to sit your I-am-Groot down before I I-am-Groot.”

    Doesn’t roll off the tongue without some discipline, but they get it, I achieve clean critical mass invective of expression, and I’m off the hook for the swear words, which I’ve come thisclose to employing. Summer’s almost here, thank goodness.

  7. My eldest son’s high school physics teacher got so frustrated with her noisy class one day that she shouted out, “Shut the fuck up!”

    Apparently, the class did after breaking out into raucous laughter. Ordinarily, such language would be a punishable offense, but no one reported it. Plus, she was a pretty good fucking teacher.


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