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Teacher Shields Students From Hearing Trump’s Inauguration

Dear Parents,

Because I am concerned about my students and your children being exposed to language and behavior that is not in concert with the most conservative social and family values, I have decided to show the inauguration of Donald Trump this Friday, but we will not view Mr. Trump’s inauguration speech. 

Because every peaceful transition of power is a historic moment, I put in a request to the Trump team to preview the speech, but I have not heard back from them.

I showed the speeches of Presidents Obama and Bush in 2009 and 2005, respectively, but I am anxious about showing Mr. Trump’s inaugural address, given his past inflammatory and degrading comments about minorities, women, and the disabled. I am also uneasy about Mr. Trump’s casual use of profanity, so I sought an assurance that as their teacher, I would not be exposing children to language that would not appear in G- or PG-rated movies.

I do not know if Mr. Trump’s speech is something that would be provided to the press or concerned citizens beforehand, but these plans may change if I hear back from them.


Brett Meteyer

Radio Host Steve Gruber received this letter. He reached out to this idiot teacher. The conversation went just about how you’d expect.

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  1. Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

    Personally I’d love it if Trump got up there and based his inaugural address on the wisdom of Andrew Dice Clay.

  2. Taught 30+ years. The teacher would be better served having a regular lesson. Less discipline problems,they don’t give a shit anyway.

  3. Oh dear, no safe space for you and the children? My my, are you sure Mr. Meteyer that you can handle the situation to the fullest? Have you a contingency plan if one or more students sneak a social media device to listen and view? Perhaps you should search all their desks. Did you bring tissue? You might start reminiscing about Obama, and being the pious prick that you are, may need it for your watery eyes and running nose.

  4. Zonga,

    I bet if you get on the school districts web page you can find this ass hats e mail address. And some school administrators addresses. If you decide to get industrious post them here and we can all have some fun.
    I’d do it, but duty calls.

  5. Good Lord, another butthurt liberal. Those parents should take their kids out of his class, as he obviously has none.

  6. Is he one of the same public school teachers who Teach children about two mommies or two daddies, hand out condoms, erase US History, vilify Christianity, teach socialism, celebrate perverse diversity and the myths of white privilege?
    And yet he’s concerned about a President’s inauguration speech and wishes to protect the children? Protect them from what?; Hope, Patriotism, National Pride, Freedom, Liberty and Capitalism?

  7. Public schools need to be closed down.

    Those people who are worth a shit will get their kids an education, those who aren’t, won’t. The current system is too politicized and unionized to be salvageable.

  8. I’m getting more and more worried one of these unhinged loons is going to find some way harm Trump. The level of vitriol, psychobabble and false propaganda leading up to this historic event is mind numbing. The Deep State is hyperventilating, it can no longer be allowed to control the agenda.

  9. I think I found him in the white pages

    LOG IN
    Brett L Meteyer
    Age 40-44
    (517) 339-0418
    Ameritech Landline
    1147 Cliffdale Dr Haslett MI 48840-9782

  10. The principal of the school is a Kelly Campbell, email CampbeK@gowcs.net. HEY EVERYONE, SEND HER A MESSAGE!!! Here is what I just wrote to her:
    To: CampbeK@gowcs.net
    Subject: about your hateful teacher

    If you don’t do something about that insane teacher who refuses to let students see a major speech by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES because of his own twisted biases and hatred, then YOU are just as bad.

    Get that idiot out of your school!

    Or, offer all parents a voucher to get out of that system. This lunacy is a great example of why Michigan needs vouchers and full school choice to get out of public school insanity and hatreds.

  11. Here’s the website for the school:

    Notice anything? This is one of those kinds of schools that doesn’t see the need to tell parents upfront, WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE GOING TO DO IN THE CLASSROOM. What are the courses? What is their educational philosophy, what are the specific textbooks and programs? In other words, dear parents, go back to baking cookies and running fund drives and WE WILL DO WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT IN THE CLASSROOM. After some digging, I did find at least for math what they’re doing. In lower grades, it’s Everyday Math (a.k.a. “Chicago Math”), widely despised by parents and people who actually know math, but beloved by pinhead ivory tower educrats. See more here: http://www.illinoisloop.org/mathprograms.html#chicagomath

  12. But it’s okay for her female children to share a bathroom with a male that claims to be a woman.
    Because her liberal false messiah obama said that is good.

  13. @cfm990:

    In lieu of the Trump speech, a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will take place.

    Your comment, through no fault of its own, turned my thoughts into the gutter. Putting together Trump, movie, and speech, my very first thought was of this scene from Tarantino’s cult classic Dusk to Dawn with himself, Cheech Marin and George Clooney.

    E*X*T*R*E*M*E*L*Y NSFW!

  14. Conservative parents should plan on keeping their kids home to watch the inauguration and let the principal know why. The school doesn’t get paid by the state for days students are absent.

  15. You see, if you close your eyes and hold your breath (long enough) there won’t be any bad stuff. That’s what the Dems (socialists) and the “Republican” Congress have been doing for 8 (6) years.
    When Iran nukes Israel, everyone should just close his eyes and hold his breath.
    When the ragheads drive trucks over the people celebrating in the street, everyone should just close his eyes and hold his breath.
    When taxes and utility bills rocket off into the Stratosphere, everyone should just close his eyes and hold his breath.
    When the debt tsunami hits and everyone’s money is worthless, everyone should just close his eyes and hold his breath.
    When gangs of mexicans break into the house, raping and killing, everyone should just close his eyes and hold his breath.
    When the fags abduct your pre-teen son, sodomize and murder him (as they did with Jesse Durkhising), everyone should just close his eyes and hold his breath.

    See? Easy-peasy, lemon-squeazy! No need to get all blame-y!
    It’s all for the l’il chillens!

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Tim.
    What makes you think the groups you mention consider your list “Bad Stuff”?

    I’m convinced they don’t.

  17. I sent a polite email to the superintendent and got a polite reply. She stated “but want to assure you that this situation will be looked at very carefully”.

  18. But I’ll bet this dope would let the students watch Hillary’s speech while Bill stands in the back with his hands down the pants of some soon-to-be presidential “intern.”

  19. Conservative parents should plan on keeping their kids home to watch the inauguration and let the principal know why. The school doesn’t get paid by the state for days students are absent.

    – Reina Del Mundo

    Reina has the practical reaction plan for parents. Simple. Effective. Hits them where it counts. Makes a statement.

    Unfortunately, I’m sure many of the parents agree with him in his psychosis.

    This is child abuse – mental.

    Hiding reality from the kids is bad enough, but he intends to make them like himself.

    This should be a hanging offense. Please step away from the children.

  20. “I’ve followed my professional duty to shield these children from possible offensive behavior.”

    Show you mean it and shield them from yourself. Quit and become a hermit.

    Otherwise, you’re full of ****.

  21. Zonga, thanks for stepping up and tracking this dick down. Great work as always. You’re welcome in my fox hole anytime.

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