Ted Cruz Campaign Dodges a Bullet

At the last second the Cruz team discovered that a woman featured in their latest video is one of those cheesy soft-core porn video stars, the kind that run on cable stations with names like Forbidden Passions and Carnal Desires.

Many sites are calling her a “porn star.” That’s a stretch, so to speak. She’s more of a hard ‘R” star.

Her name is Amy Lindsay. And as your intrepid reporter, I did the research to see if I could find any explicit “sex acts” in her repertoire.

I grew bored, and I didn’t find any.

This is what she looks like —>

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Would I think this was a big deal?

No. She’s an actress. Actresses do nudity. But it’s still a bullet dodged because many would be making mountains out of … mountains.

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34 Comments on Ted Cruz Campaign Dodges a Bullet

  1. PS, Heidi Cruz’s statement today about her husband showing America the face of God has sent me over the edge. I don’t need or want a damn TV preacher with a butt ugly mug for president. Especially when his campaign manager is the biggest snake on the planet. I want somebody that can fix shit. Go ahead, pile on Cruz Zombies.

  2. What in the Wide Wide World of sports are you speaken about. And no Trump is not a handsome man. Imagine what that MoFo would look like if he were poor.

  3. But his most famous quote was ” People that say money can’t buy happiness don’t know where to shop.” He might have a point there.

  4. Well, when he was 16, he DID say HE wanted to be a porn star. Maybe this is a Bill Ayers-ish “creative interpretation” like Obama’s “autobiography”….

  5. You know, if they woulda played bouncing boobs in slow motion when I was in engineering school, I could have seen the value of taking vibrations in engineering school… being older, I see the value in finding the right motivation…

  6. Again I agree with Brad. Not a big fan of Evangelicals.
    I would quote from the Bible but I’m too dumb.
    I have my 30 year pin from church.
    Preach all you want there. That’s why I came.

  7. I don’t know anything about Ted Cruz being able to “show America the face of God”, but I bet Amy Lindsay could introduce you to a little slice of Heaven…


  8. Gee, “boom”, I thought you only trolled over at those “safe space” sites like moonbattery and reaganite republican!

  9. @Boom – excellent article and nice try, but the Trumpsters worship their hero (and probably Sundance, too) so they won’t be interested in reading it.

  10. Keep at it all you high and mighty above reproach Cruz worshipers. As I suggested above, you might want to start taking out 90% out of your gross salary and live without 2A as practice for when Cruz is beaten to a pulp by Hills, Jebbie or Bernie (or even Bloomers).

    Your conscience will be clear and you won’t have to hear a president who sounds like Givem Hell Harry or General Patton, but you might have to send cigars to the WH to keep the First Man in a good mood, give up your guns and your faith, and roll over and play dead so the muzzies don’t shoot at you again..

    Me, personally, I will take my chances with a man who is saying get rid of CC and send control of education back to the states and local. Who is saying and is capable of building the economy and who is not in bed with TPP.


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