Teenager has miraculous recovery after car accident

“Before the accident I didn’t talk to God at all, even though my parents were pastors. I really didn’t think God was anything because I really thought the Bible was just a book with a bunch of words,” he said. “I didn’t really think I needed Him, but I need Him now with everything. I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding.” His story here

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  1. Praise God for sparing that young mans life… I suspect great things are going to happen for him down the road if he lets the Lord continue to light his path to righteousness…Thank you Heavenly Father for your love and mercy…

  2. We’re all having an adventure in this human life. Juan is having one of the more dramatic. But everyone’s individual adventure, regardless of how boring it may appear, is the big adventure for him.

  3. I know that these kinds of stories are supposed to be ‘inspiring’…

    But I can’t help but wonder how these stories make those that actually lose loved ones in tragic car accidents feel? So god has a plan for their kid and no plan for mine I guess?

    Most humans believe what they want to believe and hear what they want to hear… ascribing divine intervention to individual outcomes seems selfish to me.

  4. I’ve learned to be grateful to God and praise him in all things good or bad, life or death. His ways (plans) are not our ways.

  5. It takes a bad experience or a messed up thing for many of us to turn to God. In that regard, bad experiences can be turned into good things.


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