WI Bow Hunter Takes 19-Point Buck

Like some Ahab of the north woods, Joshua Gawrysiak had been tracking his quarry for years before finally taking the animal down this last Saturday with his Matthews Compound Bow. Gawrysiak has started a GoFundMe  to do a full body mount and put the animal on permanent display at Schells sporting goods store at the Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire, WI. More

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  1. I have no problem with taking a trophy deer, assuming the meat isn’t rotting on the ground. What pisses me off is he has a gofundme page for the mount. WTF, if you can’t afford to take a trophy what the hell is the point in killing it?

  2. Wow, that was more like two bucks!

    (I grew up in a family of deer hunters, but it still seems a shame to kill one of legend. Take the ordinary deer instead.)

  3. AA, exactly. Myself, I would have greater pleasure in knowing I had the shot and passed than to have taken down a trophy that I couldn’t afford to mount in the first place. And the meat on that old thing isn’t as good as you would get on a young buck anyway. If it was me I would have used a camera.

  4. joe6 — Oh, he can afford the mount. He’s wearing more than $3K worth of licensed outdoor gear and his bow was probably at least that much. Besides, any outdoor place that wanted to display it would gladly pick up the cost as well. Like Cabella’s, Bass Pro, etc. He’s just braggin’ on GoFundMe.

  5. I have no problem with hunting, but he says it’s sad he won’t be able to watch him grow anymore. Gimme a break. Like AA said, take an ordinary deer, it’s probably better meat as well.

  6. I had four bucks in my front yard this evening. Three were young and were challenging each other, showing off their macho moves for me.

    The fourth was the size of a moose. He’s got the largest set of antlers I can remember seeing. He watched the younger
    bucks creating their mayhem while he posed for me…just like a painting. It was amazing.

    I much prefer to see our Deer on four legs instead of dismembered on a wall.

  7. I.ve never liked killing wildlife personally and really hate the continual loss of habitat in many areas. The idea of living in a world without wild creatures isn’t one I care to live in.
    I live in Florida and everything is being bulldozed to put up more houses. The only wild areas left are in pockets.
    Local and state officials have never met a developer they don’t love.

  8. My Brother got a nice 10 point Buck this Season…I miss having a

    Freezer full of Deer Meat…But not the cold.

  9. In 42 years of driving I’ve hit 11 deer. Keep shooting boys and girls, our deductibles on insurance is outrageous here in Michigan.

  10. In lower Alaska I came across a guy that chopped the ass end of a deer off, slapped a couple of glass eyes on it and called it his trophy owl.

  11. Something doesn’t sit right in my psyche when I see some guys beaming with pride while holding up the head of that magnificient animal.
    Then the bowman claims to be partly sad about the killing because he watched the deer grow over some years. Yet he did the killing so I guess he had no choice. I understand hunting for survival. I just don’t get killing for sport. Whatever.

  12. i am glad most hunters dont have this mentality. Killing to survive is one thing, but this is quite another.

  13. Hunting for food is fine. As a lover of critters, I can live with killing for survival. My whole family hunts and when I get a house (soon!) I want property so they can hunt on my land. Of course, they will have to share with me!

    I looked at a house recently and as I drove up the long wooded driveway, saw a flock of wild turkeys. LUNCH!

  14. I have no problem with hunting, as long as it doesn’t involve animals that are endangered. In North America, there is enough deer, and in some places, too many. The herds need to be culled. We have strict regulations about what to hunt and when, and hunting and fishing licenses help maintain the animals habitats. If it’s legal in the jurisdiction, I’m OK with it. Plus, the 2A, and freedom. Hunting, generally, should never be outlawed.

  15. Liberals dislike hunting because most of them are squeamish ladies and prissy fag-boys. I love the ladies but lots of them can’t accept the raw and sometimes brutal facts of life. I have noticed that over and over again. Conservative women of course are different and can face life squarely.

  16. I’m shocked at the crap I’m reading here. This includes just about everyone. I was raised to kill only what I eat. That’s what I do. Now lets talk about Mountain Lions and Black Bears. Do your’e own research.

  17. Heck Brad, I’m not seeing anyone endorsing killing for the sake of killing. Looks to me like people are on the same page as you.

  18. joe6pak

    I don’t think I explained myself well. If humans don’t keep pressure on predators like Mountain Lions and Black Bears they soon think you’re dinner. Gratuitous killing? NO. You can no longer hunt either with Dogs in Cali. Which is really bad because most of those guides that used dogs use to run animals year round. Cat’s and bears had a healthy respect for humans. No More. Now we are on the menu. And they are way over populated which means they will encroach further into civilization and kill more pets. Maybe a couple humans. Where I live Is ripe for it.

  19. Good, that makes sense. Coyotes are becoming quite a nuisance here as well. Hell, I’ve seen then laying in the waiting cars go by lately. A lot of little dogs and cats seem to go missing.

  20. joe6pak

    We’re filthy with Coyotes. In the last couple years I’ve killed a couple working their way down our fence line with my bow. Now behind me there’s a quarter section full of homes. Coyotes are still here. They can play a blood curdling symphony. All Liberal Bay Area Transplants behind us. A couple weeks ago the Coyotes were doing their hunter killing thing down in the burbs and started their demonic shit. Next day we had a couple Libtards yelling over our back fence, “Did you hear that wild stuff last night? What the hell was that?”
    Our adjoining Hispanic Neighbor answered first. “What the hell are you talking about? we didn’t hear anything”
    Same neighbor is the one who clued us in to all Libtards moving in. Time to move. I hope they lose plenty of little fluffy dogs.

  21. What the heck, I need to proofread what I write. My last comment should have read “seen them laying in the sun watching cars go by”.

  22. Most towns have a half mile buffer zone from city limits.
    This deer was less than 50′ from a city street. Town deer.


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