Tell me again why Laura Jarrett works for CNN

Patriot Retort: 

The day before President Trump was inaugurated, I pointed out that CNN had hired Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura to be their DOJ correspondent.

As I wrote at the time:

Did you know that in September, CNN hired Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura?

Yeah. They made her a reporter in their Washington bureau.

And now, with incoming President Donald Trump, CNN will have Laura Jarrett cover the Department of Justice.

Jarrett, a graduate of Columbia School of Journalism, has two decades of experience as a reporter.

No she doesn’t!

I made that up!

Laura Jarrett has zero experience in journalism.

Laura Jarrett’s sole “qualification” is being the daughter of Obama’s consigliere Valerie Jarrett.

If I had to guess, I’d say CNN gave her the job covering the DOJ to provide cover fire for the outgoing Obama Administration.

Now, that’s pure conjecture on my part, I know.

But what better way to make sure the Obama Administration is shielded while simultaneously smearing the Trump Administration than employing Valerie Jarrett’s non-journalist daughter?

They knew their attempt to interfere with the 2016 election and destroy the incoming President failed. And I think placing Laura Jarrett at the Justice Department as a “reporter” was just one more “insurance policy.”

And apparently, she’s earning her paycheck.

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  1. Even though she appears to have “guns” with which she could arm wrestle for beers, she is better looking than her mother. I do not watch cnn, so the thumbnail is the first I have ever seen her.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Welcome to the New Communism of the Left with all its nepotism, political incest and scripted questions & answers and Deep State propaganda 24/7. Same as the old Communism, just flashier. Thank goodness their ratings keep dropping! If it was going the other way I’d be worried!
    So in light of ratings that just can’t suck enough over the past few years, who’s paying the bills? Follow the money to find out who benefits from this Communist propaganda!

  3. A junior Swamp Creature in the making…how nice.

    Paging Roseanne for comment…

  4. The day CNN (actually it’s Masters) put Jeff Zucker in charge of CNN is the day the gave up whatever pretense they claimed to being a news organization. From then on it was blatantly anti-trump, anti-conservatism, anti 1st and 2nd amendment and anti anything their progressive, leftwing Masters wanted. Having Jarrett on the payroll is just a minor thing they’ve done to subvert journalism. The only good thing about CNN are it’s ratings which are now consistently in the toilet.

  5. It used to be called “payola.”
    Now it’s called “business as usual.”

    Same as when old Joe Kennedy ‘donated’ money to Harvard so’s his boys could get their law ‘degrees’ is all up-and-up but when some Hollyweird assholes do the same thing it’s illegal.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Based on her picture she certainly is way better looking than her mother! But how hard could that be because as Roseanne would say ‘she only has to look better than a monkey’!

  7. Does she know Grandad & Grandma were
    filthy America hating commies that were
    in cahoots with the Dunhams ???
    Does she know Mommy said in 1977 at Princeton
    that she would use our laws against us to make America
    a muzzie nation ???

  8. The only qualification for a career at cnn is to be a inbred scumbag and she is certainly a perfect fit.

  9. The good news is that Obama has declared that there wasn’t a whiff of scandal during his presidency and that he’s run the most transparent administration ever.

    So there’s nothing to worry about.

  10. From some bio, my comments in parentheses:

    She graduated from Harvard Law School in 2010.

    While in college, she worked on the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender as a technical editor, writer, as well as an article editor and articles selection co-chair. (Well of course she did! Gender Studies!)

    Jarrett began her career as a clerk for the Honorable Rebecca Pallmeyer in Northern District of Illinois, and then for Honorable Ann C. Williams on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal.

    From there, she worked in a private practice, defending individuals and companies in government investigations. (It’s as if she was preparing to protect her mom!)

    A couple of years later, Laura shifted gears (for some random reason I am sure) to reporting, and was hired as a justice reporter for CNN in 2016.

  11. At least she is better looking and probably better qualified than Chelsea Clinton. Not even NBC could justify keeping that goblin on their payroll. Back in the day, women earned their place in the newsroom the old-fashioned way…on their knees.

  12. She’s a loyal follower of our nations highest placed traitor, of course she fits right in at cnn who holds a high value to them.

  13. The MSM is clearly hoping to become an outright agency of the deep state/ fed gov. What did Reagan say about leftists? “if something works, tax it, if not subsidize it”? Canada and Europe already support their press that way, don’t they?


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