Ten Most Tiresome People of 2015

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[…] Truthfully, there were so many that fit that category, I had a tough time narrowing the list down to ten. And I have no doubt that you could add ten completely separate people to this list. It seems with each passing year the number of deeply tiresome people who vie for our attention grows and grows.

But here they are, this year’s ten most tiresome people. 

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  1. Loathsome indeed! A few more

    Adolf Merkel
    Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan
    Miss Lindsey
    The Turtle
    Paul Ryan
    refugee invader greeters
    whatshisname mayor of NY

    oh Hell the is too long to write

  2. True, but how about an honorable mention for every Hollywood d-bag that feels the need to preach to me from within their ivory tower?

  3. Correct-a-mundo ! There are sooooooooo many !

    An excellent list (particularly on placement of Earnest with the mention of the prior going-straight-to-Hell Press Secretaries).

    The ONLY reason Biden isn’t on the list is because he’s devious enough to lay low after throwing his dead son under the bus by using him to advance his personal political ambitions (again).

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