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Ten Years After

Everybody was back in New Orleans this week to recognize the 10 year Anniversary of government failure along multiple dimensions. Obama was there touting his agenda, “W” spoke on one of the only positives fallouts from Katrina, the reform of New Orlean’s public schools.


Then there’s Brad Pitt and his effort to get big name architects, so called “starchitects”, to come up with ingenious ways to rebuild homes in the Lower 9th Ward.

The article from the Washington Post proclaims how Pitt’s “Make it Right Foundation” had managed to build 100 new homes in that once flooded and evacuated part of the New Orlean’s metro area.


After reading the article and seeing the prototype homes the wonder-tects came up with, I had one question. Does anyone actually live in any of these houses?

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  1. Obama went there for one reason, and one reason only: to pour gasoline on the ancient embers of the gigantic Race Hoax that was foisted upon us 10 years ago when a hurricane was coming and a racist mayor and moronic governor were proven to be imbeciles but still went looking for scapegoats of the UNchocolate variety, anyway.

  2. If it were rich white people. It would not have been a story. How stupid do you have to be to build houses in a flood plain.

  3. He’s Pro Gun. Get that damn Socialist Matt Damon or what ever his name is first. That guy is an ignorant dick. I’ll never understand why that people who make a living pertending to be someone else think they are intelegent enough to tell the rest of us how we should think. Fucking Evolved Court Jesters.

  4. A couple of things…
    The very next year there was a flood in Des Moines that caused more property damage and more loss of livelihood. No drama.
    White people in local government.

    Next we should fix three problems at once
    Dig a giant moat the length of the entire the border
    Catch every alligator in Florida and throw them in there
    Take the dirt and put it on New Orleans and raise it up above sea level so I don’t have to pay to pump it dry every twenty years

  5. I spent a week there in July working on rebuilding homes with our church youth group. http://www.umc.org/news-and-media/hope-handed-out-by-small-hands-from-big-hearts
    Fourth time for me, sixth for the youth plus a couple of adult work teams. My team painted and tiled a house for a man for whom they had completed the work, ready to move in 3 years ago when Hurricane Isaac hit and flooded the house. He is finally able to move in ten years later, and there are still people waiting. There are few groups continuing to help with rebuilding.

    We always drive through the Lower 9th when we get to town, particularly so the new people can get an idea of what happened 10 years ago but also to see how it has changed. It has been 3 years since we last went (rotating between other service projects), and the Lower 9th is much more cleaned-up than it was last time. The ‘Brad Pitt’ homes are in a small section of the Lower 9th. They are lived in. From the outside they appear flashy but simple. The key to rebuilding there is to raise the houses, some are essentially 2nd-story homes on an I-beam structure and they park the cars underneath.

  6. I was there for the storm putting together a levee board deal I was back 3 weeks after when the city was drained running the business even though the high rise I worked in wasn’t officially opened and smelled of mold. I ran it alone in town for a year till the HMF who barked orders from his northern lake house came back. The whole city smelled like death. The city was like a wide open Wild West town. First were the insurance adjusters, then contractors. High dollar working girls who love the scent of cash, followed. The casinos boomed. I could park in the middle of Loyola Street and no cops complained. Illegal Mexicans gathered In groups of over a 100 on Lee Circle and fought to get chosen for day work by men driving brand new Ford pickups City Park was home to them. Driving by you’d see them in front of makeshift tents on their haunches flipping tostitos on small $10 grills. The shoddy work corrupt politicians, inbred members of the levee board caused the flooding of the city and caused the 2000 unnecessary deaths. I worked on multimillion deals. It’s not one iota different today10 years later. Same inbreds running same shoddy construction. Army Corp of Engineers still full of graft. Prominent families who spend summers on Nantucket, put slow witted juniors on the Corp for levee detail. They just put all the people in a cup like a dice holder, shook it real hard and rolled them back out into different jobs. Nola is at as much risk today as it was 10 years ago. Fck the celebrations, the parades and the hoopla. Looter Man is what I think of 10 Years After. I’d put his photo up but I don’t know how.

  7. Only to get washed away next big storm. Local/federal government is doing n.o.t.h.i.n.g to protect it. Taxpayers money goes in their pockets

  8. Floatable houses are the only solution. Anything else is waste of time and money. I’m sorry. Water was over 20 feet in some areas. Plaquemine and St Bernard Parishes need disposable living. Cajun say when a storm’s coming: grab a pirogue and grandma’s grave.

  9. Floatable houses are the only solution. Anything else is waste of time and money. I’m sorry. Water was over 20 feet in some areas. Plaquemine and St Bernard Parishes need disposable living. Cajun say when a storm’s coming: grab a pirogue and grandma’s grave.

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