Terrorist links of New Mexico child shooter-trainer somehow not news to press

American Thinker: The case of a New Mexico “man” arrested at a compound in the state’s northern scrublands, allegedly for murdering his three-year-old handicapped son, was appalling enough all by itself.

It got worse as news emerged that he was holding eleven emaciated children prisoner, and worse still, that lawmen who busted him thought he was running some sort of school shooter training camp for the children, at least one of whom said he had been trained in the use of assault rifles.

Depraved.  It’s the only word for such an unimaginable evil.  Who could do that to a child?  Who could spend that much time and resources wanting to see schoolchildren massacred?  The man, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, would have to be consumed by some kind of diabolical hate if such charges were true.

Where have we seen that kind of depravity before?

September 11 is what comes to mind: the commandeering of jet airliners full of passengers to ram them into one of America’s tallest skyscrapers full of people.  And sure enough, that same mentality – seriously, using children for school shootings and setting up an elaborate training camp to do it – is pretty evident.  The guy even looks evil, same way WTC ringleader Mohamed Atta looked evil.

This is why the press’s reluctance to report that that’s exactly the mental culture this maggot sprang from.

Sirraj was the son of the one of the “unindicted co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center attack, a Bed-Stuy imam involved with the other imams who went to jail for the antecedent to the bigger WTC attack that happened eight years later.  Being evil seemed to be the family culture.

Yet virtually all of the news coverage out there buries that relevant little piece of news pointing to motivation deep, if it mentions it at all.  I watched network news waiting for that 9-11 connection to be brought up, and in at least one report, it never was.  It was just a child abuse case.  more here

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  1. Yep, protecting the “victim” class of oppressed Muslims via white bigotry. That’s why the story was not mentioned wide scale or the real severity of the situation. If only it was an NRA member, then it would have been 24/7 national outrage.

  2. It doesn’t help Our cause when Our own People are using the term

    “Assault Rifle”….Other than that it was a fine Article.

    Oh! and F*** islam.

  3. Bcattin- I know, it just makes that term acceptable when the right uses it. It’s just so lazy. At least put it in quotes as a mock.

  4. Ok. I just went to the NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC & CNN sites to check out what they have to say about this islamist jihadist.
    Only CBS even has a story about this.
    They mention he is the son of an imam in NYC.
    That’s it.
    The rest of the sites have stories about Trump’s crazy rallies and how there is going to be a “blue wave” and white anxiety has found a place on Fox News.
    I also saw why so many people are so ignorant about what is going on in this country. I haven’t the words to describe the ignorance and deflection and pretending that nothing but everyone hates Trump and white people are evil crap on those sites.


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