Tesla Ordered To Pay $137 Million To Contract Worker


The case is a fitting encapsulation of America’s ever-more-debilitating obsession with fighting “racism” in every facet of life. It is unclear if any strong evidence even exists to corroborate [Owen] Diaz’s claims. But even if everything Diaz claimed was entirely true, there is no rational calculus that would suggest the harm against him justified a $137 million verdict. A jury almost certainly would have awarded Diaz far less had he suffered a workplace accident leaving him a quadriplegic.

Tesla at least bothered to push back against Diaz’s allegations, but still delivered a somewhat nauseating “woke” statement about how they “should be held accountable.” More

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  1. You don’t suppose this award might trigger a flood of similar complaints in the hope that others might hit the “woke lottery”, do you?

  2. “…..at its factory for black people.”????
    Wtf is a factory for black people?


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