Texas: Austin Study Contemplates The Redaction Of Its Confederate History

There apparently is a list created by the city of Austin’s Equity Office that singles out streets and parks that bear the names of members or references to the Confederacy.

Estimates are that it would cost nearly $6,000 to rename them all (change street signs and map references), but that’s not the big prize. The same report also asks that city officials consider changing the name of the city itself, since Stephen F. Austin opposed abolition by Mexico when our neighbor to the south still owned Tejas. More

I wonder what they’d rename it?

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  1. I say let the progs remove all references to the CSA. Everywhere. When that happens, slavery will never have happened and we can then stop all the nonsense about reparations and white guilt.

  2. Trust me, it costs WAY more Than $8000 to change a street name. Every business and every resident on that street incurs expenses changing their address, including mortgage paper work. It is a huge PIA.

  3. Kicking it up a notch-
    Given the involvement of england in spying on US citizens (‘5 eyes’), use of their intelligence personnel for those purposes and their participation in the creation of the ‘Trump dossier, I propose that the term “New england” be no longer used to describe the northeastern portion of America. They have clearly demonstrated that they are not the friends of democracy, or our form or government.
    I am offended by calling this region of the US by those terms.

  4. @toby miles – That’s a good start, but let’s go on from there and change the names of states and cities with England people and places sources. New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia (and WV), both Carolinas, Georgia, and that’s just the states. There are thousands and thousands of city and town names that were “borrowed” from England.

  5. Every town in Texas with a spanish name should be renamed because they killed the native Americans, the Incas and the Aztecs and made slaves of indians in Calif.

  6. This is why we need more government licensed Spirit Mediums™. If the swells of Austin could contact the deceased spirits of The Confederacy (according to government imprimatur Science™), and ask them what they think of having their names removed from Austin… I can’t imagine there’d be so much cooperative glee.

  7. @ Tony R- correct, they changing of every sign would be in the multi MILLIONS.

    I would love to see it, but if they did, it would divide Texas itself… and then thereafter the nation…


  8. Just name everything after me. Burr never owned slaves, was opposed to slavery and has been smeared by pro slavery people for centuries.

    Suck on that, Texas.

  9. Austin is no longer a part of Texas. I don’t know when we lost it to the Leftists, but we did. And as long as they are running it, they can keep it.

    I wonder how much it would cost to build a wall…


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